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What’s Your Reaction?


  1. owlafaye says:

    Ginsburg retiring?….Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Its a wonderful day in the neighborhood.

  2. David says:

    Appointing judges (for life) has become political. “Consider, for example, President Obama’s appointments to the Supreme Court. It appears that there were three primary qualifications for an Obama short list: (1) appointees could not be a white male, (2) appointees must be a staunch ideological supporter of Obama’s notion of racial justice, and (3) appointees must be young enough that we can expect them to serve for three or more decades on the bench. It is possible that an Ivy League education was also a requirement.

    If we hope to maintain an impartial and just judiciary we must eliminate appointments for life and set a mandatory retirement age for judges

  3. Donald says:

    Prepare for the worse? Not at all, prepare for the best. The sooner this anti American Marxist loon leaves the bench the better for this country

  4. Ron says:

    Bader is no longer capable of doing justice to the Supreme Court and the American people.She should be asked to step down or removed as no longer capable.

  5. Ron says:

    Bader is no longer capable of doing justice to the Supreme Court and the American people.She should be asked to step down or removed as no longer capable.

  6. Mike says:

    Soon NO ONE will be allowed to talk to or visit Ginsburg except a few select democrats and they will issue statements for her.

  7. Mike says:

    While the White House prepares for the inevitable the Democrats are busy tying strings around Ginsburg’s arms and legs – and pumping meth into her to keep her moving.

  8. remuda says:

    Ginsburg is history. Need full cognition & clear head to consider issues. The ‘short list’ has been in play for months. Soon . . . very soon . . . ! BTW, the 2006 “Fence Law” prevails (Dubya).

  9. HOFFHACK says:

    I was wondering why Piglosi and Schumer both looked like they needed an enema more so than usual!!!! If Ginsberg were a Republican, the left would have screamed to have her put down long ago!

  10. Ronald says:

    I personally favored Barrett when Trump picked Kavanaugh. Still think she would be a better choice, and easier to get approved.

  11. william says:

    RBG shouldn’t have bad mouth Trump. People that have bad mouthed Trump have had bad things happen to them. LOL I would take this news with a grain of salt. When the Democrat leadership all of a sudden get “concerned” with the Supreme Court, then you can start to think that RBG is about to retire. These Judges need to have term limits too in my opinion. No one should be in government positions for that long.

  12. Richard says:

    Justice Ginsburg is a legend before she retires and nobody should belittle her for seeing how deficient we have been in making the brilliance of the founders work. The greatest failing of our people has been less a failing of the S.C. than of the Congress that has almost totally transferred the legislative process to an army of attorneys in a myriad array of agencies. Combined with the nature of organized unions and Civil Service bureaucrats we have fallen victim to a political methodology that depends upon multi-million and even billion dollar election campaigns. Its because the $4 trillion budget is a monster that has consumed our freedom and liberty in a barrage of corruption and spending. Now with a huge legal mess over immigration and border control, we may have to pause and replace a woman that never had an evil political bone in her way. Her only difficulty is a lack of faith in the Christian attitudes of the founders vs her concerns for “gender equality, workers’ rights and constitutional separation of church and state”.
    I lived ten miles from her as a child in Bronxville while she was in Brooklyn only ten months younger, she went to law school when I went to the be a jet pilot for the Korean War. She fought for women’s rights and I enlisted to defend all. She did well and I applaud her efforts. One can study her life and easily understand her bias encouraged by East Coast attitudes that reflected what made her struggle and achieve so much. No part of the U.S. suffered more from the mixture of so many different peoples, religions, nationalities, and even man defined races, and no one can complain about her great contributions to the evolution of Civil Rights problems that the founders understood, but knew that to try to resolve all in the Constitution would have meant no nation. So, her choice gave her fine brain the chance that she took and did so very well as to deserve being called near perfect.

    I only hope that we replace her without thinking that we need the best candidate who comes to emulate her as closely as possible. She would be first to say that is not possible for anyone for we are all equal but different! I also hope that our citizens can be pleased to prefer candidates that sense the need to change the Constitution with Amendments is the only American way to maintain the Republic.

  13. dylee36 says:

    WE can bet our behinds that the Democrats will prop up Ginsburg, dead or alive, to not let Trump pick another Supreme Court Judge. That fact you can take to the bank!!!

  14. Xander says:

    Well, it would have been nice to have been given a few particulars about Judge Barrett. Background, education, family, religion, where from? Or maybe even a picture, instead those two who literally make me want to run and hide every time I see their lying mugs. They are so evil.

    1. Juan says:

      Xander, don’t worry, the Democrats will let America all there is to knowabout Judge Barrett. If the Dimwits pull another Kavanaugh thing, Mitch McConnell should just go ahead and put it up for vote. We only need 50 I believe for her to be voted in.

  15. Obacalypse says:

    When the doctors/hospital find 2 masses in someone’s lungs who has had two major cancers…especially pancreatic cancer…these most likely represent metastatic cancer from the pancreas primary. The survival rate with these findings is very short. Odds are she has metastatic cancer to other places too…liver, brain, bone. She wanted to stay in the SCOTUS as long as she could. God is telling her (and us) that time has come. She needs to retire to take care of her health and do what is right for the US. She can no longer show up for work!

  16. jimshaw54 says:

    Could it be RBG is hanging on in hope that Trump will be impeached and/or that the Senate will not be able to pass a new SCOTUS?

  17. klazy50 says:

    I am so sorry for Justice Ginsberg. She has been on the court for so long but represented if very well. I am also sorry for the health issue but she needs to take care of herself first. I know she will be missed but not forgotten.

  18. Walt says:

    The trick is finding a qualified justice that is willing to run the gauntlet that Justice Kavanaugh just ran. And I’m guessing we won’t hear a peep from the #metoo movement if Justice Amy is selected and the media and Dems dump on her like they did Kavanaugh, and Sarah Palin. It will add a whole new meaning to the term misogyny. It will make what they did to Sarah Palin look like a walk in the park.

  19. Sylvia says:

    How sad that we have to replace a person according to sex.. I am not suggesting that this women is not capable and qualified but to even mention that we need to choose a female is sad..
    All we accomplished is reverse discrimination.
    This is true of the sex war – the black white issue etc.
    I feel really sad for my grandchildren.

    1. CashGirl says:

      This woman agrees with you, Sylvia! We’ve taken this all a step or two too far in my opinion. I’m all for her nomination and selection, of course, if she’s the best person for the job.

  20. Mike says:

    Wait, I don’t have my explosive protection suit on,,,if she goes down there will be massive head explosions on the left,,,if President Trump gets to nominate a 3rd (hopefully a 4th) THE PAIN WILL BE TREMENDOUS on the democrats, major democrat controlled cities will burn to the ground etc.

  21. John says:

    apparently Greater Forces are at work, and those who held the desire to destroy this Nation, by illegal waves of undesirables, Lucifer’s own, the Left winged traitorous democratic mob, by trampling the Constitution, and all cherished torch lights of Freedom, can soon hold [a] massive pussy hat wearing [b] spirit roasting buffet while engaged in [c] orgy of stupidity as they scream in demented rants of the mentally defective [d] as directed by their political masters, ordering these pitiful unthinking little swamp turnips, to offer up still more “prayers” to Satan. FOLKS we can have a “2 fer 1″…it will be GREAT. the mental stable red states can celebrate a NEW Surpreme Court Justice appointed by President Trump, the Left can hold a memorial for RGB. That should work out well, both sides get to do something effective for once.

  22. pjt says:

    She has the huge self worth attitude that the Supreme Court can’t do without her. Otherwise she would have retired a long time ago. Besides, that’s a healthy paycheck. Same thinking of the 80 year old members of Congress that have also become quite wealthy.

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