Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been hospitalized with broken ribs. The ribs broke in an apparent fall last night.

The following statement has been released, detailing the incident and what it means for the Justice’s health.

There are no other updates to her condition at this time.

The news, which was just released this morning, has Washington buzzing. Ginsburg isn’t expected to be in any fatal danger, but the accident shows that age is catching up with her.

This isn’t the first time Ginsburg has broken her ribs. She fell and broke two ribs back in 2012, which she only disclosed after the fact. She reportedly didn’t find it necessary to announce the accident at the time.

What makes this significant is that Ginsburg is a rock star among progressives and is seen as a bulwark against dangerous Trumpism on the Supreme Court. Democrats are so fearful for her health that they’re actually donating organs in case one of Ginsburg’s fails. (RELATED: Libs Are Offering to Donate Organs to Keep Ruth Bader Ginsburg Alive.)

Her sporadic actions of late have also caused many Democrats to worry that the 85-year-old justice’s health is fading. (RELATED: Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Takes Long Pauses During CNN Interview.)

Earlier this summer, Ginsburg hinted that she may retire when she turns 90, giving her, at least, five more years on the bench. (RELATED: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Hints at Retiring in Five Years.)

Should Ginsburg leave the Supreme Court sometime in the next two years, President Trump would nominate his third justice to the high court. Given Ginsburg’s reputation among progressives, the fight to replace Ginsburg would make the contentious Kavanaugh hearings look like a picnic in the park.

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