Rush Limbaugh Says ‘IG Report has Totally Exposed Nadler as a Full-Fledged, 100 Percent Liar’

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh just slammed Democrat Congressman Jerry Nadler for not showing up at the House Rules Committee hearing Tuesday, adding that the inspector general report has now “exposed” Nadler as a liar.

‘The IG report has totally exposed Nadler as a full-fledged, 100% liar’

“The IG report has totally exposed Nadler as a full-fledged, 100% liar,” Limbaugh said on his program Tuesday. “This is great. I’ve continued to dig into the IG report.”

Limbaugh said the Democrats on the Rules Committee are “continuing to lie through their teeth about the supposed misconduct of Donald Trump.”

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Since Nadler was unavailable, reportedly due to a family emergency, Democratic Congressman Jamie Raskin took his place.

Rush said Raskin continued to use two repeated lies during Tuesday’s hearing.

“Well, I can give an example,” Rush said. “Nadler cannot be at the Rules Committee hearing today because there’s some sort of family emergency in New York. I don’t know what it is. Doesn’t matter. So Jamie Raskin, a Democrat from Maryland, is taking his place. And these people are just lying through their teeth. They are continuing to lie through their teeth.”

‘They know they’re lying about this!’

Limbaugh continued, “This guy said the president has abused his office, engaged in misconduct, and they give the quote where the president said, ‘Look at Article II. I can do anything I want.’ They know they’re lying about this! He didn’t say he can do anything he wants.”

“It was in the context of an interview two different times,” Rush insisted. “One with George Stephanopoulos in which he’s saying Article II gave him the power to fire Robert Mueller if he wanted to, could do anything he wants regarding Mueller.”

“They know they’re taking that out of context,” El Rushbo continued. “They know that they’re lying about this.”

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‘If they’re lying about one thing, you have to assume they’ll be lying about a lot of things’

“And if they’re lying about one thing, you have to assume they’ll be lying about a lot of things,” Limbaugh said. “The one thing that is unmistakable in all of this, they don’t even have a crime. They do not have an impeachable offense. The second thing that Raskin did, they’re still repeating the Trump joke, that Trump asks Russia to go find 30,000 Hillary emails and five hours later, the Russians hacked the server.”

“That’s not possible,” Rush said. “When Trump cracked that joke, the DNC server had already been hacked, it had already been shut down. We still don’t know who really did it. But it was out of the way.”

“Trump’s cracking a joke and making fun of the media and making fun of the Democrats, and these clowns throw it in their articles of impeachment,” Limbaugh added. “They’re just lying through their teeth. And it’s over and over and over again, and the media, of course, enables it, trying to make it look like it’s real, and none of it is.”

Earlier this month, Limbaugh told Fox News that the Democrats were only hurting themselves with their “pure, raw hatred” for President Trump.

John Hanson

is a professional writer and editor with over 15 years of experience in conservative media and Republican politics. He has been a special guest on Fox News, Sirius XM, appeared as the guest of various popular personalities, and has had a lifelong interest in right-leaning politics.

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  • Anyone that can quote a "ZZTops" tune in a response to someone truly deserves a thumps up from me!!! WTG!!!!! HaHa!!

  • I do not care what you people say and I understand that everyone is pissed buy i worked 32 years preventing behavior like that, The 2nd amendment was not meant to support civil war or mob justice. If I weren't retired I would be working against any of you doing that. So my advice is let cooler heads be prevail and be patient. The investigating and gathering of evidence is a time consuming process. Have patience and Faith in the System, it does work.

  • Remember you have the second amendment to replace corrupt and treasonable government, and trying to remove an elected president and that by the looks of it the democrats fit the bill perfectly, so get it done, otherwise civil war or communism will engulf the USA .TAKE YOUR PICK.

  • No One lies as much or as constant as Nadler and Schiffless. We need to get Schiffless under oath and find out just what he did to help the so-called Whistleblower. Most likely coached him on his complaint, wrote it for him, and told him how to file it. Whistleblower is another liar too.

  • If we are, indeed, to be fair and balanced in this discussion, we can't ignore the fact that many Republicans support illegal immigration and illegal immigrants. Wall Street supports illegal immigration--for the cheap labor source it provides.

    And most of those Republicans are RINOs and moderates that the GOP keeps fielding every election cycle--and that we keep electing. We MUST stop electing moderates and, even worse, RINOs. We must FORCE the GOP to field conservative candidates ONLY--or else the nation is doomed.

  • If enough conservative Republican voters did this, the GOP would be FORCED to notice that we will no longer support moderate and RINO Republicans any more. They would be forced to field conservative candidates, or else wither and die from lack of support.

    Electing moderate and RINO Republican candidates is no better than electing Democrats. Look at how many moderates have turned on President Trump and voted against his legislation, etc., in D.C.!

    This cycle of futility MUST be broken if we are to save the country. President Trump needs help. Furthermore, we must look to the 2024 election and beyond.

    For years, I heard the tired refrain from my local Republican Party Headquarters, "We can't elect conservatives in this area." That is so much bullfeathers!

    Conservatism is a message that resonates with voters anywhere if it is articulated correctly and by good candidates. Look what President Trump did in the last campaign. Venues couldn't accommodate all the enthusiastic supporters attending his rallies.

    We need to stop electing moderates and RINOs. We need to elect conservatives--regardless of party affiliation.

  • And they hate us who voted for and support Pres. Trump so much, that you can be SURE they'll happily do the same to us, should we be so foolish as to vote them back into power.

  • All you succeed in doing with that strategy is to split Conservative votes, which allows the conniving Demmunists to win!

  • Literally. The guy running for Katie Hill's old seat in Congress actually favors legalizing bestiality . . . !

  • Never have, and I never will. But we also need to stop voting for Republicans who are moderates or, worse, RINOs. We need to stop electing Republicans just for the sake of having another "r" in Congress or the Senate. I prefer to vote for third-party candidates if they are more conservative than the Republican. The GOP has never liked conservatives or conservatism--and I'm tired of it. My frustration goes back to at least 1987 when they allowed Robert Bork's Supreme Court nomination to be scuttled by Biden and the Democrats. Bork would have been a truly great Supreme Court Justice.

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