Rush Limbaugh Predicts How the Left Will Go After Trump Next

First there was “Russian collusion.” There was the smear campaign against Brett Kavanaugh. Then Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and the rest of “The Squad” joined the picture. All of this was preceded and followed by accusations of white supremacy. Now, the media is pushing a looming recession.

Is there any low-ball tactic Democrats haven’t used to try to take down Donald Trump yet?

Rush Limbaugh’s Big Prediction

Conservative talk radio legend Rush Limbaugh has a prediction: impeachment.

Sure, Democrats have talked plenty about impeaching this president, but will they finally move forward with it?

Will House Speaker Nancy Pelosi actually pull the trigger?

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“So I think Pelosi will cave,” Limbaugh said on his nationally syndicated radio program on Wednesday.

“Let me make that as my official prediction,” he declared.

“Pelosi will cave when Congress comes back, and the Democrats will complete the trifecta of shooting themselves in the foot and Pelosi will know it the minute she authorizes it, the impeachment of Trump, with one year before the election,” Rush said.

Assistant House Speaker, Ben Ray Lujan, is already backing impeachment.

What’s the Democrats’ Next Move?

To date, Pelosi has resisted calls from the far left of her party to begin impeachment proceedings.

Limbaugh said, “I shared with you an email at the beginning of the program today from a friend of mine. ‘Mr. Limbaugh, you’ve accurately noted, and in some cases predicted, each of these various hoaxes that the left and the media would try to bring down Donald Trump. What’s next, sir? Could you please apply all of your masterful talents? What’s next?'”


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Continuing to read the letter, Limbaugh rattled off the various tactics Democrats have used thus far.

“We’ve had Trump-Russia collusiongate. We’ve had Kavanaughgate. We’ve had Tlaib and Rashida whatever her name is crying about Trump this or that. We’ve had failed impeachment. We have had failed Robert Mueller. There’s any number of these hoaxes. We had a failed recession last week,” he said.

Limbaugh believes recent remarks by Hollywood filmmaker Judd Apatow are indicative of Democrats’ next move, particularly when Apatow said it was “truly shameful” Pelosi hasn’t impeached the President yet.

Trump’s alleged crimes? “Racism” and “treason.”

Limbaugh said, “Apatow made the remarks in response to a tweet from Pelosi accusing the Trump administration of ‘blatantly bigoted and downright dangerous policies’ over their appeal to the Supreme Court that federal employment law banning discrimination based on sex does not include discrimination based on transgender status.”

‘The Left Is Going Nuts’

“She’s out of options,” Rush continued. “All of their major funding people and organizations – Hollywood – they’re all getting in line, and they are demanding this. Pelosi is taking grief like you can’t believe.”

“The left is going nuts,” he observed.

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Limbaugh believes one reason liberals are becoming so desperate is because a recent poll showed 63 percent of Americans expect Donald Trump to be reelected.

“Do you know how crazy this is going to drive the left? It’s up from 43 percent in a relatively short amount of time,” Rush said. “It’s a Rasmussen poll, their latest 2020 poll. Sixty-three percent believe Trump is heading to reelection. You know what? This is pretty close to the betting markets.”

“The betting markets, if you follow those, are fairly close to this,” he added. “You see, here’s bottom line: They thought Trump would be gone by now… I am telling you right now these people thought Donald Trump would be on his way to jail by now.”

In March, Pelosi said she was against impeachment because it might divide the country.

“He’s just not worth it,” she said at the time.

With mounting pressure from the left, will Nancy Pelosi change her mind? Will Democrats gear up for impeachment?

Is Rush Limbaugh right?

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