Rubio Fires Back After Hillary Attacks His Pro-Life Stance

Hillary Clinton was asked about Donald Trump, but she turned her focus to Marco Rubio. The former First Lady called Rubio’s stance on abortion “offensive” and “outrageous.”

Marco Rubio didn’t waste any time and fired back at Clinton by highlighting her radical stances on abortion. Clinton supports abortion-on-demand, including late term abortions. This puts her at odds with 84% of Americans and paints her as an extremist.


Rubio said he will expose Hillary’s extremism in the coming months. Rather than being defensive, he put the focus back on Hillary’s out of touch views.

Hillary has to be concerned about facing Rubio in a general election. He provides a stark contrast with her. He has no issue with engaging the press and answering their questions, while Hillary hides and dodges questions. Rubio is charismatic and engaging, while she is stiff and uncomfortable.

Hillary Clinton’s attack on Rubio’s pro-life values also included an attack on his youth. The 67 year old  referred to the 44 year old Senator as a “much younger man.” Yes, he is younger and this also provides a stark contrast to Hillary.

What do you think of Rubio’s response? Why is Hillary scared of Rubio? Please comment below.

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