That didn’t take long.

Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore is going on the attack after a radio broadcaster revealed Democrat Senator Al Franken groped her back in 2006.

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Moore, of course, is fighting allegations that he preyed on teenagers in his 30s. For days, Republicans and Democrats have demanded Moore end his campaign. Even Ivanka Trump, daughter of the president, has been critical of the former Alabama Supreme Court chief justice.

It looked like Moore was actually going to drop his candidacy. That was… until the Franken revelations came out.

After photographic evidence emerged of Franken groping Leeann Tweeden while they were on a USO Tour, Moore must have decided he’d had enough. And for good reason. While Senate Democrats have been mum on the Franken accusations, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell called for an ethics investigation.

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I’m not sure what there is to investigate. We have proof of Franken’s disgusting act right here:

Moore was thinking the exact same thing. So far, there has been no verifiable proof of the accusations against the Alabama Republican. Yet, McConnell is demanding he step down. The incongruity was not missed on Moore:


Now, it should be noted that this comment, and Franken’s depraved behavior, don’t excuse what Moore did if it’s proven that he was a lecher.

But his remark does speak to a deep inconsistency in how certain lawmakers or candidates are treated when it comes to allegations of sexual abuse.

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When conservative Republicans are accused of impropriety, the media has a field day. When liberal Democrats are caught engaging in the same tomfoolery, you can almost hear crickets.

There’s absolutely no reason why Moore should drop his candidacy if Al Franken remains a senator. The double standard has gotten to a point where it can’t be tolerated any longer.

Sign the petition to demand Al Franken resign!

What do you think? Did you like Moore’s response? Tell us your thoughts below!

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