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Roseanne Continues to Dominate the Ratings

When “Roseanne” returned to TV back in March, it re-debuted to stellar ratings. The “Roseanne” reboot garnered 25 million on their debut episode, and ratings held strong week two, with 15 million. In its third week, the show brought-in 13.47 million. A decline from the week prior, but still massive ratings.

The show has seen considerable success in so-called middle-America demographics, causing some to wonder if networks will pivot away from critical coverage of President Donald Trump.

Some liberals were even upset about the return of the show because Roseanne Barr is one of the few people in Hollywood who supported Trump. Barr has previously been a member of the Green Party, and the socialist Peace and Freedom Party, so she’s hardly a conservative, she just happened to vote for Trump. In her words, that was because “the left went nuts.”

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Her ratings are in for her fifth week, and they’ve finally fallen back to Earth, but only because it was a rerun this week.

According to Showbiz 411:

Five weeks in, ABC ran not an original episode but a two hour “marathon” of the first four episodes. They averaged 6.1 million viewers, way off from the 13 million of the last two weeks and 15 million of the premiere week.

Indeed, “Roseanne” fell spectacularly in the 9-10pm hour to “The Voice” with its 9 million pairs of eyes. The comedy was also beaten by back to back reruns of “NCIS” at 8pm and 9pm, with nearly 7 million.

That’s just the average of the four reruns, however. Two of the episodes even managed to tie an original “Voice” episode on NBC as the night’s top program.

“Roseanne” is continuing to dominate in the ratings – even when airing a marathon of repeats. CBS was the most-watched network for the seventh consecutive week while “Roseanne” was the most-watched program for the first four weeks it aired this season and was the second most-watched show this week.

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