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top 5 christian movies
April 4, 2023
I have some movie ideas to keep the kiddos entertained while their parents and grandparents box away books and books and more books.
best nuclear war movies
August 28, 2022
why not dive into some of the best nuclear war-themed entertainment to help distract from the reality of our possible impending destruction?
Streisand Trump
March 17, 2020
Hollywood has taken a major hit because of coronavirus, and this box office loss might just be the best thing for our country.
March 13, 2019
‘The Kid,’ starring Ethan Hawke and Chris Pratt, is a unique telling of the famous story of Billy the Kid and Pat Garrett
December 20, 2018
Ace Frehley, ex-guitarist for the legendary rock band Kiss, believes all Americans should stand behind their President or “go move to another country.”
Michael Moore anti-Trump movie
September 24, 2018
The newly-released Michael Moore anti-Trump movie is not performing well and has officially flopped at the box office across the country
John Goodman defends Roseanne
August 28, 2018
John Goodman defends Roseanne ahead of the upcoming season of “The Connors” the show that has replaced “Roseanne” on ABC this fall
Tim Allen Roseanne
August 3, 2018
The Tim Allen Roseanne comments about the former ABC star’s firing has raised some serious questions about why the star was
Michelle Obama dances at Jay Z concert
July 17, 2018
Michelle Obama dances at Jay Z concert with Beyonce’s mother over the weekendand the entire moment was captured on video camera
Rob Reiner Shock And Awe
July 16, 2018
The Rob Reiner Shock And Awe movie that tells the “true” story of the Iraq War bombed this weekend, dealing a major blow to the anti-Bush
Sacha Baron Cohen Sarah Palin
July 11, 2018
Like countless others before her, Sarah Palin was fooled into an interview with comedian Sacha Baron Cohen under false pretenses.
Bill Maher Mitt Romney
July 9, 2018
There’s been no shortage of headlines the past week speculating about a potential Hillary Clinton 2020 Presidential run. Bill Maher