Roseanne Barr Reveals Why Trump Is Like A ‘Mother Bear’ – ‘The Only One With Balls’

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The comedian Roseanne Barr, who has long been one of the only openly conservative stars in Hollywood, is speaking out this week to reveal what it was like when she first met the former President Donald Trump, surprisingly describing him as a “mother bear.”

‘Trump Wraps His Arms Around Us’

“I lost control of myself,” Barr, 71, said of meeting Trump, adding that he quickly calmed her nerves. “He so gently rearranged my arms.”

Barr eventually hugged Trump before telling him, “we all love you and pray for you, we know that you the only one with balls,” according to Newsweek. She then gave Trump the “high compliment” of describing him as a “mother bear.”

“A dad bear, they’ll go out and kill all the others. That’s one thing and it’s cool. But Trump wraps his arms around us,” she explained.

When asked what advice she would give Trump as he heads into the 2024 presidential election, Barr said, “Laugh a little more. Have a little more fun and try to relax a little bit. More than you do. And you know, pray a little bit more. Feel the love of the people a little bit more. And I think that’ll fix him.”

Barr Speaks At Trump Rally

This comes one week after Barr warmed up the crowd at a Trump rally in Hialeah, Florida on November 8. This rally was held at the same time as the third Republican primary presidential debate was being held in Miami, with Trump opting not to participate.

Barr kicked off her speech by recalling her failed attempt at running for president in back in 2012, which was the year Barack Obama was reelected.

“So I ran in 2012 because I wanted to run against him and I ran because I said, ‘This is the time for a woman to win!'” Barr declared, according to OK! Magazine.

“Me, not Hillary,” she continued, referring to the two-time failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who lost to Trump in 2016. “Because this is the time for a woman, because anything a man can do, a woman can get another man to do even better!”

“When I ran for president, one of my platforms was I will outlaw bulls—!” Barr exclaimed. “I want to show you this jacket that my friend made. And look at this here. Look at this. Trump is the MAGAdor! Yeah, and that’s that deep state bull!”

“So that kind of went along with my thing for president. I will outlaw bulls—. But I want to say right now. Aren’t we all tired of the Deep State bulls—?” Barr asked as the crowd started to go wild. “I can’t hear you. I want you to say it louder. Aren’t we all fed up with the Deep State bullsh—?”

Barr finished her speech by shouting, “End that bulls—! We want Trump the MAGA-dor to KILL THAT GODD—- BUUUUUUULLL! END THE BULL—-, KILL THAT GODD—- BUUUUUUULL!!”

“I love you. Thank you for having me tonight,” she concluded.

Check out Barr’s full speech below. We must warn you that she does use profanity.

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Barr Reveals Why Democrats Hate Trump

While talking to Donald Trump Jr. on his “Triggered” podcast last month, Barr gushed over his father while also revealing her theory as to why the left despises him with such venom.

“What I love about your dad is he is one funny guy!” Barr said of the former president. “He is so hilarious, and I think that is part of why they hate him. They hate humor. They don’t have any sense of humor about themselves — right there that is what a fascist is.”

“Someone in power who has no ability to laugh at themselves, has no self-reflection; they look in the mirror and there is nothing there,” she continued. “If you can’t laugh at yourself, you don’t have a soul. Your dad laughs at himself and everyone else and he makes everyone laugh. He has the heart of the comedian, which is why we all love him because he’s so funny!”

Full Story: Roseanne Barr Lays Out Theory For The Real Reason Democrats Hate Trump

Unlike the vast majority of Hollywood stars, Barr actually thinks for herself when it comes to politics. We applaud her for continuing to defy both Hollywood and cancel culture by standing by Trump publicly!

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