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Family Raises Tens of Thousands For “Angel” Caretaker

It was back in July that Chris Wright was checking on his sick mother Judy when a nurse delivered the bad news: She probably wasn’t going to make it. She ended up living through the day, but her Parkinson’s disease was worsening, and Chris knew there wasn’t much time left. Judy survived another few days, passing away on July 9th, which was the birthday of her nursing aide, RonTunDe Hector.

That’s just the beginning of the story.

Three years prior, RonTunDe had been having a horrible day. She was going through a divorce, and Murphy’s Law quickly fulfilled itself when she was driving and ran out of gas. While stalled on the side of the road, a man came up, handed her all the money in his wallet, then went along with his day.

She didn’t know it then, but she would later know that man was Chris Wright, whose mother she would be taking care of. While speaking to Chris one time in the hospital, Cornerstone Church (which is near where she ran out of gas) came up in conversation. “I met the nicest man from that church three years ago. He helped me in one of my hardest times,” she immediately recalled, not realizing that Chris was that man. “I’m already crying at that point and said ‘RonTunDe, that was me,” Chris said, recalling the incident.

After Judy’s death, the family decided to repay their caretaker, asking for people to donate money towards her nursing education in lieu of flowers.

Watch that amazing moment when she’s gifted it below:

The story went viral, and Judy has received far more than the initial $8,000 raised. Their fundraiser contains another incredible detail:

In Judy’s final days, nurses were amazed at how hard she fought to stay alive.  Five days before she passed away, TunDe pulled Chris aside on the front porch of Judy’s new home. She informed him that the Holy Spirit had revealed to her that Judy would pass away on her birthday…and that is exactly what happened.   TunDe rushed to the house shortly after Judy passed; still in her birthday celebration attire.  We cried, we laughed and we rejoiced in a God that is bigger than our circumstances.  He was in the midst all along.  Chris had entertained an angel 3 years ago and TunDe completed her mission from beginning to end.

It would be an understatement to describe TunDe as amazing.  She exudes joy and lives every breath to serve people as she was designed to do by our Heavenly Father.  TunDe is a nursing aide struggling to cover educational costs to fulfill her dream of becoming a nurse.  We would love to surprise and bless her in Judy’s honor.  In lieu of flowers, we are asking friends and loved ones to donate to TunDe’s education so she can continue to fulfill her calling.  To know her is to love her and we are all in awe of how God worked so miraculously for our paths to cross again when we needed her most.

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