Rick Perry Just Made an Announcement that Will Have a HUGE Impact on the 2016 Presidential Race


Rick Perry continues to lay the groundwork for a 2016 Presidential run.

The Texas Governor has invited hundreds of policy experts and donors to meetings this month in what can be viewed as preparing for the launching of a campaign.

“If Gov. Perry is going to run, he’s going to be better prepared, and he’s going to have the resources necessary to compete,” said Henry Barbour, a Republican national committeeman who is helping plan for a Perry 2016 campaign and organizing next week’s donor sessions.

Some see Governor Perry as a frontrunner for the Republican nomination. This summer, a liberal prosecutor targeted Perry and indicted him for using the veto powers afforded to him under Texas law.  Instead of hiding from the “scandal,” Governor Perry turned a mug shot into what many view as a Presidential photo op. He dismissed the seriousness of the charges by going to get ice cream after he was booked.

It is anticipated that Perry will meet with 500 donors and bundlers as well as some operatives beginning this week.  Although 2012 was a challenging campaign for Governor Perry, he is seen as having a stronger chance in a second bid for the White House. The Texas economy is thriving and he has taken a strong stance on illegal immigration and Obamacare. These are key issues with Republican primary voters.

Would you support Governor Perry if he ran for President?

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