Rick Perry Gets Booked Then Gets Ice Cream


Governor Rick Perry was booked last night on felony charges which even some liberals say are politically motivated.  He voluntarily appeared at the Travis County Courthouse and turned a mugshot into a photo op for a possible launch for a second bid at the White House.  Some are even describing the photo as “Presidential.”

Before entering the Courthouse, Perry gave a defiant speech to supporters outside.

I’m here today because I believe in the rule of law. I’m here today because I did the right thing. I’m going to enter this courthouse with my head held high, knowing the actions that I took were not only lawful and legal, but right. And if I had to do so, I would veto funding for the Public Integrity Unit again.

You’d think any governor, Democrat or Republican, would expect this important unit with jurisdiction over state officials, be led by someone who lives up to the high standard of conduct and personal integrity. And this issue is far bigger than me. It is about the rule of law. It’s about the constitution that allows, not just a governor, but every citizen to speak their mind free of political interference or legal intimidation.

This indictment is nothing short of an attack on the constitutional powers of the office of governor. There are important fundamental issues at stake and I will not allow this attack on our system of government to stand. I’m going to fight this injustice with every fiber of my being. And we will prevail. And we’ll prevail because we’re standing for the rule of law.

In what could be considered a brilliant political move, after being booked Perry went out to mark the occasion with an ice cream cone.

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