RFK Jr. Backs Texas In State’s Battle With Biden Over Border

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First he ran as a Democrat. Now he’s running as an Independent.

But regardless of party, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is running for president and he is taking Republican Governor Greg Abbott’s side in Texas’s battle with Joe Biden over the border.

Texas has taken state measures to secure the border that Biden and the federal government are fighting, with the latest incident taking place at the Supreme Court.

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‘Texas is Right’

The move is absolutely a bold one for Bobby Jr., bucking nearly all his ideological compatriots who appear to have no interest in border security. Further – for a Democrat in this day and age to back what amounts to nullification and interposition is unusual in the first degree.

“Texas is right. Biden’s failure to secure the border leaves states no choice but to take matters into their own hands,” Kennedy wrote on X. “As President, I will end this humanitarian crisis once and for all. I will secure the border and destroy the business model of the drug cartels. A country without borders is not a country at all.”

The Hill reports, “Kennedy joins a growing list of politicians, most of them Republican, who have thrown their support behind Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s (R) fight against the federal government over the fencing and razor wire installed by Texas at the U.S.-Mexico border.”

“In a major blow to Abbott, the Supreme Court ruled earlier this week that border agents can remove the razor wire erected on the border, siding with the Biden administration,” The Hill added.

What the Supreme Court did not say, is that Texas had to stop protecting the border. Now we have a situation where federal and Texas agents could square off – while Texans are trying to secure the border, and federal agents are, incredibly, trying to remove barrier defenses.

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Kennedy: Border Crisis a ‘Disaster’

In the past, Kennedy has talked about America’s “border crisis,” particularly the problems of human trafficking, and called Biden’s border policies – or lack of – a “disaster” in a Newsweek op-ed last year.

It will be interesting to see how this all plays out, with a high-profile figure who until very recently had been a Democrat siding with Republicans on this front.

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