Here’s The Jobs Most Commonly Held By Republicans and Democrats

A new report reveals the most common jobs held by both Republicans and Democrats. The results might be surprising.

While many of us on the right have found it impossible to ignore that certain fields are dominated by liberals, such as professorships, the entertainment industry, and journalism, there are fields equally dominated by conservatives. Of course, those fields don’t have the social influence that the aforementioned fields do, so it’s not as noticeable.

Using campaign contribution data from the FEC, Verdant Labs was able to put together a list of professions in America and determine the political makeup of the workers. Much of it confirms what we already knew. In the film and stage production industry, there are only 7 Republicans for every 93 Democrats. Among playwrights, there are a total of zero Republicans for every 100 Democrats. In law, there are 73 Democrats for every 27 Republicans. And to no one’s surprise, most professors and people who work in media are Democrats, too!

On the flipside, nearly every person involved in the oil industry and agriculture industry are Republicans. Among the fields dominated by Republicans are surgeons, dentistry, construction work, the military, and banking.

Below are tables showing the most Republican-dominated fields. As you’d expect, within an industry there are sub-sections dominated by Democrats. For example, while most surgeons are Republicans, most pediatric surgeons are Democrats.



And here are the most Democrat dominated professions:


Admittedly, I wasn’t surprised by most on the list. While those in banking and financial services slightly leaned Republican, I expected a more disproportionate majority. Then again, if you take a look at donation records for candidates, Democrats see lots and lots of financial services donations.

Regardless, with unemployment at the lowest level it’s been since WWII and an economy where everyone who wants a job can find one, it’s clear that it’s preferable for those in the profession of “Elected Government” to be Republican. Don’t forget that in November!

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