Republicans Investigating $200 Million Biden Admin Grant to CCP-Controlled Energy Company

By Timothy Schumann (The Center Square)

The U.S. House Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee is seeking answers to why Biden’s Department of Energy is allocating hundreds of millions of dollars in grant monies to companies with ties to the Chinese Communist Party.

The DOE made a decision earlier this week to roll back a previous grant awarded in the sum of $200 million dollars to Microvast Holdings, a company under the direct regulation and control of the Chinese Communist Party.

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Despite an invitation to the hearing, DOE officials were not present to comment on the nine-figure rollback.

“The Department’s refusal to participate in the hearing is even more concerning in light of this development. I’m concerned that the Department may be entertaining other problematic awards and only decided not to proceed with this after our congressional scrutiny,” said Eastern Washington Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers during her opening remarks in the hearing Tuesday.

“We cannot be energy secure if we are at the mercy of our adversaries,” she went on to say before contrasting the Biden Administration’s desire for America to run on 100% renewable energy with China’s absolute dominance in that manufacturing category. A dichotomy that could result in America’s renewable energy agenda being beholden to China.

Her remarks referenced a recent International Energy Agency report showing that China is in complete control when it comes to battery manufacturing for electric vehicles. Downstream of mining, the report states, China “dominates” every other step of the manufacturing process, controlling 50 to 75% of the market in every single category of battery component manufacturing save one.

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The remarks and report punctuate the fact that the $200 million grant slated for Microvast, a battery technology company for EVs, could have been spent on furthering China’s dominance in the field.

“China also possesses 97% of the world’s solar wafer capacity,” McMorris Rodgers highlighted during the hearing.

“The Department of Energy not only refused to provide transparency to this committee, but they’re refusing to be transparent to the American people, who deserve every assurance that their tax dollars are not being funneled to China,” she added before the end of her statement.

After the hearing, McMorris Rodgers took to Twitter to lambast DOE officials, saying, “They still refused to come to our hearing and answer for why this decision was made in the first place.”

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  • This proves that the tenet of Democrats are: TAX,BORROW AND SPEND no good for the masses but great for corrupt Demoncrats.

  • What we are seeing is the neutering of the Congress. When the Executive agencies refuse to cooperate with the Congress, and no one does anything about it, it makes the authority of the Congress nil. The Executive then rules by fiat. Leading to autocratic rule. The Congress better get a handle on this quick.

    • Someone said that Congress can actually impeach any agency employee for refusing to surrender documents necessary for the protection of our country. They can be charged with dereliction of duty.. I think that is what Congress is going to do according to one Congressman who was interviewed by OAN (One America News) the only truthful political news source nowadays. Try them, you'll like it.

  • Our sovereign God will not allow His people to disappear with the minions of Satan. If we will just let the others know that we love God. And that we are ready to renew our faith in God.

  • The Bidens have been bought and paid for by the CCP! Why they are not in prison is a mystery to me. Do not be surprised at any type of Treason any of the Bidens do with China. They no longer have a will of their own when it comes to the CCP.

  • The Biden experience is a worthless joke, Obama and his master ( Soros ) started selling the country off, during the 2 terms Osama was in the Whitehouse, with the Braindead Moron in there now , they have accelerated the destruction of the country.. Problem is they will once again by use of the Media, install their puppet for 4 more years and finish the job

    • In some publications last year, one of them not named wa getting as much as 30% and Hunter complained in his email to a family member that "POPS" still gets half of his take. Who do you think POPS is?

  • As the Republican controlled House starts investigations into many things the Deep State is involved it, they will discover more and more Complicity as far as selling our Country to Foriegn countries, our Enemies,. Making the US dependants of those countries and hope and pray they don't shut it off. Under the disguise of Biden, the NWO/ Deep State led by Obama and Soros, they ended the US energy production, depleted our Reserve Oil supplies ( Some sold to China and other Foreign countries ) leaving us vulnerable to attack and the Country being taken over and Controlled by another Country. Under Obama's Deep State the US will cease to exist, if not stopped in the 2024 election( if we make it that far, or they even allow the election to proceed unmolested by outside parties ) Just think about it and go thank every 1 of the 81 million voters, that supposedly voted to destroy our country .

    • Our number one enemy is actually the "legacy media" who for many years now have been brainwashing the masses with their propagandas and no longer telling the truth. So, most are uninformed, misinformed or just plain brainwashed. It behooves us to be pro-active in educating our centers of influence, if we want to preserve & protect our REPUBLIC which is supposed to be governed by LAWS, but is now governed by corrupt Demoncrat mobs, as we see things unfolds. We need to call our Reps. to prosecute and jail all the corrupt people identified in the Durham report and make them refund the cost of all their farce impeachments and farce investigations against Trump. They owe us millions and it is about time they suffer also.

  • Why do you ask the question??? It is glaringly obvious that JB is a traitor to America and should have been impeached for treason yrs ago. His record speaks to the harm he has inflicted on the citizens of this country for oave 50 yrs.

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