Republican Rep. Salazar: ‘No One Really Asks’ Latinos How They Feel About Illegal Immigration Crisis

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On Monday, Republican Congresswoman Maria Elvira Salazar of Florida commented on the Biden administration’s policy of flying planeloads of illegal immigrants across the country to places like New York and Florida, often in the dead of night.

Rep. Salazar has a beef with the government and the media: she wants to know why no one ever asks Latinos their opinion of the border crisis.

Salazar made her remarks during an interview on “Fox & Friends.”

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Rep. Salazar: ‘No one really asks us… how do we feel about this’

Salazar said that the Biden administration’s policy is “very embarrassing” but also wondered the “brown community” and Latinos living in the United States are rarely asked their opinion on the ongoing border crisis and influx of illegal immigrants into America.  

“It’s very embarrassing that this is happening,” Salazar said.

She added, “And you know, I was telling you that no one really asks us, the brown community, the representatives of the Latinos in this country, how do we feel about this.”

Salazar noted that many of these illegal immigrants end up in Latino communities.

“And I’m going to tell you that this is extremely embarrassing because do you know where those people wind up at? In our neighborhoods. And we do not know if those people are child sex traffickers, if they’re drug dealers, if they’re coyotes, or these are bad actors.”

“So, just picture this, and now, we understand that it’s in the dark of the night,” Salazar elaborated. “And where are those people going to wind up at? In our neighborhoods.”

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Rep. Salazar: ‘What is happening right now should have never happened’

She then pressed the need for reform.

“So, that’s why I’m saying to you we need an immigration reform law because everything that’s happening is because this government and Mr. Biden promised that within the first 100 [days] of his presidency, he was going to present an immigration reform law,” Salazar insisted. “And once again, he has dropped us for the reconciliation bill, for child care, for health care, for long care and for elderly care. Where are the immigrants?”

“We should have never been in this situation,” Salazar added. “What is happening right now should have never happened.”


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