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biden minority voters poll
January 2, 2024
When it comes young voters and minorities, things are trending in the wrong direction for incumbent Joe Biden.
trump univision
November 20, 2023
Former President Donald Trump was recently interviewed on the American-owned, Spanish-speaking television network Univision.
Charles Blow's latest column suggests racist remarks by a Democrat Los Angeles City Council President indicate she was "doing the work" of white supremacy and worried about a new scourge in America - "Lite supremacy."
October 17, 2022
A New York Times column suggests racist remarks by a Democrat Los Angeles City Council President is “Lite supremacy.”
paola ramos Latino Voters
September 26, 2022
Democrat fears of losing an even larger majority of the hispanic and Latino voting block have been real for the last three election cycles, but that nightmare may become a harsh reality come the midterms that are less than a month away.
breakfast tacos jill biden
July 12, 2022
Jill Biden was criticized by the National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ) for engaging in ‘stereotypes’ after the First Lady claimed the Hispanic community is as “unique” as “breakfast tacos.”
Democrats Fear For 2022 Midterms - Hispanic Republican Women
July 11, 2022
The 2022 midterm election this November has Democrats scared like never before. While some Democrats openly admit that their chances this fall look bad, there are also other signs of their fear.
GOP Flips Long Held Democrat House Seat In Border District, 'Red Wave Officially Started'
June 15, 2022
Republican Mayra Flores beat Democrat Dan Sanchez in a special election to fill the vacant seat in Texas’ 34th Congressional District.
Hispanic Republican Women Win Big In Texas Republican Primaries
March 4, 2022
Tuesday night proved to be a big one for Republican Hispanic women running in Texas congressional primaries.
Trends Show More And More Hispanics Are Moving To GOP: 'Biden Turned Me Into A Republican'
November 12, 2021
many pollsters and others noted that GOP was picking up more Latino votes in Youngkin and McAuliffe Virginia race
New Poll Shows Biden Approval Among Black Voters Tanking
November 9, 2021
A recent poll shows that President Joe Biden’s support among black voters has gone down significantly along with his overall negative numbers.
maria salazar illegal immigration
November 9, 2021
Rep. Maria Elvira Salazar wondered why no one ever asks Latinos and the brown community their opinion of the border crisis.
new poll shows spending on police
October 27, 2021
A Pew Research Center poll shows the number of Americans who want more spending on police is increasing in contrast to the ‘defund the police’