Reporter Asks Trump About His Bad Language, Then, THIS Happened!


During a Q&A session following Donald Trump’s victory speech last night, a reporter asked the Republican frontrunner about his use of ‘language’ on the campaign trail.

The question came shortly after Trump derided other countries for “ripping us off” because they think leadership in America is a bunch of “very stupid babies.”

It took a matter of seconds for Trump to shred the reporter as “so beautiful” and “so politically correct” because he’s never heard “a little bad … language.”

Watch The Donald tear into the delicate little flower in the media …

Trump: ” — degree of anger and shows a certain degree like we’re not going to take it anymore from all of these countries that have been ripping us off and taking our jobs and taking our money like we’re a bunch of babies. Very, very stupid babies. So I watched that ad and I don’t think it’s a bad ad for me. I actually think if I had my choice of saying I could have it down or let it run, let it run. Say it again? [ Inaudible question ] Oh, you’re so politically correct. You’re so beautiful. Look at you. Oh. He’s so — oh, I know. You’ve never heard a bad little off language. I know, you’re so perfect. Aren’t you perfect? Aren’t you just a perfect young man? Give me — hey, give me a break. You know what, it’s stuff like that that people in this country are tired of. Okay? It’s stuff like that. Sara?”

Meanwhile, here’s a report on Trump’s victories last night in Michigan and Mississippi:

U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump wins the Mississippi and Michigan primary election, says “Even Megyn Kelly said, ‘Boy, Donald Trump really did well tonight.”

Comment: Do you think people have grown tired of political correctness, and has that helped Donald Trump’s rise in the polls? Share your thoughts below.

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