Report: White House Releasing Document Claiming Intel Community Watchdog Alleges Whistleblower Had ‘Political Bias’

Fox News was given information late Tuesday that the Trump administration plans to release a document showing the intelligence community Inspector General (IG) found the unnamed whistleblower who leveled explosive allegations against the President, concerning his talks with the Ukraine leader, had “political bias” in favor of “a rival candidate” of the president.

So basically an operative of the DNC filed a politically bias false complaint in an attempt to give Democrats in the House a narrative to push impeachment.

This is about to explode in the faces of the DNC wildly.

The “whistleblower” (whoever he or she is) is about to jump in line in front of James Comey and Andrew McCabe for prosecution, filing a claim that you overheard a conversation which you never heard is “perjury in an official proceeding” and it is a felony and an easy one to prosecute.

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Impeachment is the ‘Super Bowl’ of ‘Get-Trump.’ Democrats know if they lose, the season is over and there are no more games to be played until next season (e.g., November of 2020). This is the reason for all the strong-talk and posturing by Democrats they know this, and they can’t afford to do it and lose during the year running up to the election.

The news came just hours after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi initiated a formal impeachment inquiry by alleging that the administration was hiding the complaint.

The senior administration official told Fox News that the White House had nothing to hide, that there has been no wrongdoing, and that the White House’s general position has been that it will make everything possible available to Congress or the public regarding Trump’s conversations with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and the complaint to the intelligence community’s inspector general.

A source familiar with the matter told Fox News this week that the whistleblower had no firsthand knowledge of Trump’s July call with Zelensky. Trump vowed earlier Tuesday to release a “complete” transcript of the call by Wednesday.

A senior administration official told Fox News there are a “few words” in the transcript that will raise eyebrows, but it is nowhere near as inflammatory as Democrats have suggested. [Fox News]


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The interaction between Hunter Biden and Joe Biden, who was in charge of dealing with the problems in Ukraine. The sum of $1.6 billion was given to restart the natural gas and oil companies throughout Ukraine, but this money has just disappeared without a trace. We do know Hunter was on the board of the gas company and was paid 160,000.00 dollars per month for a total of over 3 million dollars total. This is the information that Trump was inquiring about with the Ukraine president so that the people involved in this scandal could be held responsible for their part in this corruption.

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Instead of answering any more questions from the press, the White House should keep replaying, over and over, the recording of Biden’s inadvertent admission, even bragging, about threatening the withhold a billion dollars if the prosecutor investigating the company Hunter Biden worked for wasn’t fired. Perhaps the MSM will then have no choice but to report actual facts.

Trump is so smart; he tricked the Democrats into starting an impeachment inquiry that outlines his corruption. It is so great to be impeached. He has got Nancy right where he wants her!

Folks, this unfolding story represents a huge step toward the coming civil war. Half of the country is actively attacking the President of the United States. If you think I’m crazy, that is fine; you go ahead. When the time comes, and it will come soon, you will remember how crazy I am.

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