Most Americans Support Trump’s Temporary Travel Ban

If you’re like me, you’ve spent the entire weekend hearing nothing but rabid hatred being spewed at President Trump for his temporary slowdown of immigration from terrorist hotbeds.

The media and Democrats, along with their liberal ‘organizers’ on the ground, have gone thoroughly hysterical at the thought of Trump slowing the influx of refugees and preventing terrorists from infiltrating the system.

Chuck Schumer said Lady Liberty was crying, then cried himself.

Literally, he cried.

https://twitter.com/yashar/status/825782839337705472″ target=”_blank

Mindless Hollywood elites were encouraging people to go out and “punch some people in the face.”

https://twitter.com/Vallmeister/status/825929193749938176″ target=”_blank

All in all, it’s quite clear that Schumer, his colleagues, the media, and the clowns running around Hollywood still have no idea why they’re on the losing side of the political aisle right now.

Why do I say that? Because after all of the vitriol and hate coming from the left, all the rabid hysteria towards a President who promised to implement extreme vetting to keep the American people safe and then actually had the gall to do it, the average every day voter supports a temporary travel ban.

https://twitter.com/ClareMalone/status/825847446756536320″ target=”_blank

Via Fox News Insider:

A new Quinnipiac poll released last week shows more American voters support President Trump’s executive order to temporarily suspend immigration from several Middle Eastern and North African countries.

By a margin of 48 percent to 42 percent, voters supported “suspending immigration from terror prone regions, even if it means turning away refugees.”

A plurality of voters also said they would support requiring immigrants from Muslim-majority nations to register with American officials.

Fifty-three percent agreed and 41 percent opposed such an idea.

That is a clear green light from the American people regarding Trump’s immigration policies. A clear green light to temporarily suspend the influx of immigrants from areas that support or harbor terrorists.

If you had turned on a television set or watched media on your phone or tablet over the last few days, you’d think nearly 90% of Americans are in opposition to the President.

Will the fake news coming from the left ever stop in the era of Trump?

Comment: Do you support President Trump’s temporary effort to slow the influx of refugees coming from terrorist nations? Is it too much, or should he do more? Share your thoughts below.

Rusty Weiss

Rusty Weiss is a freelance writer focusing on the conservative movement and its political agenda. He has been following and analyzing the political climate for several years, and his writings have appeared in the Daily Caller, FoxNews.com and more.

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  • Democrats are just mad because they lost the White House and it will not matter what President Trump does, they will be against it. These democrats that refuse to do the peoples work should be ran out of DC and not paid.

  • The ban ought to be a permanent one from raghead countries, not just temporary, they do not belong here, period.

  • I totally support my President Trump's 'travel ban'. I am sick of the fake news and the Hollywood elites who just don't get why people like me DO NOT care what they have to say! I do not live to go to the movies or watch TV. I can do quite nicely without them! I have contemplated if someone could devise a list of all these Hollywood asshats and then we could systematically boycott anything they appear in!? That would send a message. I am for Christian Muslims, peaceful Muslims etc. but we need this travel ban to regroup and get a handle on who is coming and going from our country. Americans first! I also support biometrics to identify and make sure they are who they say they are. Just like I am sure our government has most if not all of our fingerprints, DNA, etc.

  • Peter, well said. This Liberal Mentality is like a BLACK HOLE or VACUUM sucking all rationality out of its vicinity. If you gather enough of them together, it can affect an entire city or state -- notably NY and CA. Let us hope and pray for change before it sucks all life from this nation. Maybe it will just collapse in upon itself.

  • President Trump is doing exactly what he stated. Americans first! He is adapting President Obamas written trouble nations and even Obamas and his advisors stating most of these individuals are not or are not properly vetted. We have had examples of this in America already with 5 year old girls raped, sex offenses on the rise, Shari law being imposed, honor killings and mass murder in the name of Allah. This action is a necessary action and Thank President Trump for it and the wall at the southern border. ISIS is at a training camp 30 miles from the Texas border preparing to attack our cities.


    Donald J. Trump is not against Muslims. People accuse him of this, but he is not a hater. It is that he is for us, rather than that he is against anyone.

    We see him doing some things which seem shocking. This is what happens when a man of action takes over a problem company. It is also what happens if he takes over a country. Donald J. Trump is actually seeing the problems and then doing what his logical deductions dictate. Month after month after month, I have been saying that he was going to achieve greatness, just in time to save this country. What you are seeing is what such action looks like.

    When we see innocent looking people who are now banned from the USA, our hearts go out to them. If we are heathy human beings, when we see suffering, it goes right to our hearts. Donald J. Trump is like the rest of us this way. This is why he found a way, “extreme vetting.” This is why he wants a safe place for them in their own country.

    The fact is that the real world is going to be more and more frightening, as we go forward. The drought which caused the rural population to move into the cites (Aleppo had 10 people per room) is now extended. Half of Pakistan, yes, nuclear Pakistan, is in drought. This is a frightening prospect. There are many ugly things happening around the world. For instance, North Korea needs to be controlled before it holds nuclear devices over our heads. Then, Iran is another serious issue. India has hundreds of millions of subsistence farmers starving. We are in a world of trouble, and the mini-minds in our country are crying for the poor souls of other regions. Perhaps, we all should. After all, none of us have to figure out how we are going to protect our own population. Only one of all the 330 Million people in the USA is charged with that ultimate responsibility. Only Donald J. Trump is responsible to make the hard decisions.

    Someday, it is going to be obvious that we cannot swing our doors wide open. We know how horrible such an opening was to Germany. The point is that as important as it may be to stop the influx now, today, come tomorrow, in the future, it is going to be far more important. Our President lives in the moment, with an eye to the future. Acting in today’s milieu for tomorrow’s requirements isn’t always easy. These decisions impact negatively on the lives of many innocent people. It would be so much easier and simple to just let the world take care of itself while acting presidential. Instead, Donald J. Trump is doing what he must to protect us.

    We cannot continue to go forward pretending that all people are good and that we have no need to protect ourselves. We are all on the same boat, and while our new President is busy making sure that no one sinks our ship, we have fools among us who want to invite some onboard who will drill holes and sink us. Yes, we need to keep out good souls to assure that we avoid saboteurs . What other choice do we have? Anything else would be to live our lives with reckless abandon. Yes those strangers are people who have suffered. Yet, I for one would not sacrifice the safety of our grandchildren to save those strangers. These are the hard decisions which need to be made. Remember, no decision is a decision. We finally have a President who gets it.
    Let’s secure America, first, and then we can go forward helping the rest of the world.

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