What a beautiful story here that began as a tragedy.

It all started four years ago when Dyan and his family were separated as he was stuck in a refugee camp while everyone else was here in the United States. Imagine you’re separated from your family for a lengthy period of time where you were unable to hold them and show them love on a daily basis.

That happened to Dyan and in addition to that, he was in another country that was miles away. There was no pick up and go see daddy. There was no dad showing up at the hospital to see his new son being born. This was enough stress on both sides of the globe to just give up, but this family remained strong.

When Dyan walked through those airport doors, you could see the him overcome with so much joy and emotion. Watch the video below.

refugee homecoming refugee homecoming refugee homecoming

From FaithIt:

Dyan and his Sudanese family were tragically separated four years ago. He was stuck in a refugee camp while his pregnant wife and their two children were settled in the United States. When his wife met two compassionate women in a North Fort Worth church, a ministry was started that now has more than 100 people volunteering to serve refugees in the area.

This church has also earnestly prayed for Dyan to be reunited with his family in the States. And after four years, that finally became a reality.

In the powerful video below, you’re about to witness a man reunited with his beautiful wife and three precious children. As he hugs his 3-year-old son for the first time and embraces his wife, Dyan’s only reaction is to fall to the floor in praise to God for His goodness. As he raises his hands in thanks for his deliverance rather than growing bitter over his time in bondage, Dyan sets a breathtaking example of what it truly means to follow Jesus and live a life of unceasing gratitude.

Watch the homecoming here:

What a powerful moment! I felt as if I were in the waiting area, hoping and wishing him through those doors. I pray this family never witnesses another bad day ever again. They have gone through so much, nobody should have to experience that, ever.

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