The Real Reason Why the GOP Establishment Is Not Leading in National Polls


Politicians and their advisers still don’t get it. The media still doesn’t get it.

They are all so blinded by their political leanings that they are STILL missing the silent majority and the fact that they/we don’t want another establishment Republican to represent them going forward.

Sure, Texas Governor Rick Perry and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker dropped out of the race, but that doesn’t mean Americans want whatever GOP establishment candidate is remaining. I’ve heard Senator Marco Rubio’s name floating around, but he’s flip-flopped on immigration positions and now he wants to bring in Syrian refugees and put them in camps within our borders, so basically he is pro-AMNESTY.

We are seeing Europe being destroyed right in front of our eyes and we are not far behind. The undocumented migrant situation is MUCH bigger than what the government is willing to tell us.

All past elections all the politicians, pretenders, and the advisors say what the people wanted to hear.

Not only the general elections, all elections. All empty promises. Lies. Obama claimed change.


Yes, all Americans wanted and demanded change and trusted Obama and his advisers. Again all lies. Yes, change, but not the change the people wanted.

Now people have had more than enough of all the lies, the empty promises, the claim to change. The PEOPLE no longer believe any politician, and that’s the reason they now chose to change and possibly elect a non-politician.

A person not related to any party. A person that will bring that change not associated with the Washington, DC cartel.

Don’t believe me? Check out who is leading right now: a successful business man with the mantra “Make America Great Again,” and a doctor whose under-pressure decisions are so legendary, a movie was made about him and his life.

Yes, it’s possible the next President of the United States will not be a Democrat because they have mishandled this country for the last 11 years. If history teaches us anything, it will be a different party or no party.

Trump or Carson, who cares, as long as there will be a change and not a politician making empty promises. America has had enough of  politicians. Maybe one day they will learn not to cheat, not to lie, not to pretend, but to act for the PEOPLE.

What are your thoughts about this topic? Are you more apt to vote for a non-establishment candidate than a seasoned politician who continually lies to us? Add your comments below.

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