Rapper Lil Pump Gets Tattoo Of Trump’s Mugshot On His Leg

Lil Pump Trump
Source: Bootleg Kev YouTube, Lil Pump Instagram

The rapper Lil Pump showed off his support for Donald Trump on Tuesday by taking to social media to reveal that he recently got the former president’s mugshot tattooed on his leg.

Lil Pump Debuts Tattoo – Supports Trump

“MAGA usus,” Pump, 23, captioned the image.

The viral mugshot was taken last August when Trump was arrested and booked in Fulton County, Georgia in his indictment on charges pertaining to what the left describes as his efforts to overturn the results of the 2022 election in the state, according to Billboard.

Pump has long been open about his support for Trump. Back in 2020, he was one of the few celebrities to endorse Trump, doing so in a profanity-laced rant in which he also bashed Joe Biden.

“All I gotta say is Trump 2020 b****” he said at the time, according to Newsweek. “F*** I look like paying a extra 33 is tax for Biden, b***** ass n—. F**** sleepy Joe n— Trump 2020 b****.”

Last month, Pump took to Instagram to post a photo of himself with Trump, who he described as the “greatest president of all time.”

Other Rappers Back Trump

Though the entertainment world has been against Trump for years, several rappers aside from Pump have come around to the former president as of late. Back in November, the rapper Azealia Banks shocked her fans by revealing that she would be voting for Trump in this year’s election.

“Seriously, nothing can take him down,” Banks, 32, told The Evening Standard of Trump.

As for why she’s drawn to Trump, Banks said, “He’s just f***ing funnyyy. He’s been through how many bankruptcies? How many wives? How many television shows? Seriously, nothing can take him down.”

When asked if she would be comfortable with Trump “being near the nuclear button again,” Banks pointed out that he maintained peace throughout his entire presidency.

“Well, he didn’t press it the first time,” she said. “You never know, Biden might hit the wrong s*** on the antennae and blow the whole thing up.”

As for Biden, Banks believes it would be “elder abuse” to keep him in power.

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Sexyy Red Endorses Trump

One month before that, the rapper Sexyy Red publicly endorsed Trump for a second term.

“I like Trump. They support him in the hood,” she said while appearing on the “This Past Weekend” podcast with the comedian Theo Von.

“At first I don’t think people was f—ing with him,” Red continued. “They thought he was racist, saying little sh– against women. But once he started getting Black people out of jail and giving people that free money. Aw, baby, we love Trump. We need him back in office. We need him back because, baby, them checks. Them stimulus checks. Trump, we miss you.”

“I love Trump. He funny to me,” she concluded. “I used to be watching him talking to people. He used to be calling people fat. He just bold. He funny. We need people like him.”

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Insiders close to Trump have said that he’s taken notice of the support he’s getting from the rap community.

“Now rappers are back to where they were with him pre-running for president which was as a cool rich guy,” one source told The New York Post. “He spends money like rappers spend money. he has gold toilets. I think they saw a kindred spirit in him.”

Only time will tell if rappers like Lil Pump will be able to bring more young voters to Trump’s side. What do you think about Lil Pump’s new tattoo? Let us know in the comments section.

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