Anti-Constitution Liberals Get SLAMMED By Rand Paul On The View! (WATCH)


GOP presidential candidate Rand Paul recently appeared on ABC’s The View, a talk show known for its liberal bias.

Given President Obama’s recent gun-control speech, the issue of guns was sure to come up, and it did. Co-host Whoopi Goldberg desperately tried to corner Paul on the issue but failed miserably.

“Automatic weapons, they’re not for hunting. They do nothing — they’re only there to kill. And you’ll notice that a lot of things that happened are with automatic weapons,” she claimed to Paul. “When we see that why don’t we say, ‘Who really needs to have one other than people that are at war?’”


The audience, who likely shares political views with Whoopi, erupted in applause. Then Paul corrected Whoopi to let her know that automatic weapons are not available to the public without a tax stamp and federal background check. Also, citizens can’t own automatic weapons manufactured after 1986.

In fact, automatic firearms were banned in 1934.

Rand then points out that Whoopi is likely talking about semi-automatic firearms, which only fire one shot per pull of the trigger. He also points out that people do hunt and compete in shooting sports with semi-automatic rifles.

Rand also explained that it’s not necessarily the background checks themselves that many gun owners object to, it’s the fact that to truly enforce universal background checks, you would need a national gun registry, which is opposed by most gun owners.

Check out the video:

Now tell me this wasn’t the funniest thing you have seen in a while! Whoopi was still trying to get the last word, but the damage had been done.

Did you enjoy this embarrassing moment for the members of The View? Share your opinions below in our comment section.

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