Rachel Maddow Takes Huge Ratings Nosedive Now that Mueller Investigation Is Over

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow goes head-to-head with Fox News’ Sean Hannity every week night, but since the Russiagate story imploded, so have her ratings.

Nielsen Media Research shows that “The Rachel Maddow Show” dropped to fifth in total viewers in July, behind “Hannity,” “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” “The Ingraham Angle,” and “The Five.”

All of which are obviously Fox News programs.

Fall From Ratings Grace

In July, Maddow averaged 2,487,000 primetime viewers, which was slightly up from the 2,450,000 average viewers she got in June.

BUT, June and July were a significant fall in ratings compared to the 3,067,000 viewers Maddow averaged in February, which was the last time she had viewers north of 3 million.

The ratings fall began in March when she garnered only 2,886,000 viewers and continued to nosedive in April when an average of 2,630,000 viewers tuned in.

There’s no secret about what is happening with Maddow. Her fall from ratings grace corresponds with the end of former special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.


When Russiagate Collapsed…

Maddow had amassed a larger audience than ever pushing Russian conspiracy theories each night, even often competing with Hannity for the number one ratings spot.

But when the whole facade collapsed in March when Attorney General William Barr announced Mueller had concluded the Trump campaign did not collude with Russia.

Immediately, Maddow’s audience being to dwindle away, as reported by The Daily Beast at the time.

July was the first time since October 2018 that Maddow was not one of the top three highest rated cable news shows.


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The Left-Wing Glenn Beck?

While many liberals bought into her conspiracy theories, some progressives took her to task.

Progressive journalist and frequent Tucker Carlson Tonight guest Glenn Greenwald criticized Maddow’s irresponsible journalism on Twitter in January, writing, “She is Glenn Beck standing at the chalkboard. Liberals celebrate her (relatively) high ratings as proof that she’s right, but Beck himself proved that nothing produces higher cable ratings than feeding deranged partisans unhinged conspiracy theories that flatter their beliefs.”

Greenwald’s tweet was a response to fellow journalist Michael Tracey who took it upon himself to chronicle Maddow’s lunacy, “Maddow wove an elaborate 20 minute theory last night postulating that Trump’s ‘odd riff on the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan was actually evidence that unknown Russian officials are ‘stovepiping’ propaganda through Trump. She called on the new Dem House to investigate this”

Now that the Russia-Trump conspiracy theory has gone away will Rachel Maddow find some new lie to feed viewers?

If it gives her ratings, you know she will.

John Hanson

is a professional writer and editor with over 15 years of experience in conservative media and Republican politics. He has been a special guest on Fox News, Sirius XM, appeared as the guest of various popular personalities, and has had a lifelong interest in right-leaning politics.

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  • "Pretty obvious now what they'll do next - Attempt to outlaw conservative thought/conversation, etc."
    It's ALREADY HAPPENING, my friend!

  • She's seemed to think that delivering outrageous lies with a snarky smile on her face will insulate her from the INEVITABLE back-blast.. and her current ratings show just how well THAT worked.
    I do think that Cuoumo is worse, though.

  • Pretty obvious now what they'll do next - Attempt to outlaw conservative thought/conversation, etc. Regulate it out, bring back the "fairness doctrine" where only the LEFT may expound theory and hype without supporting fact, but any conservative talk has to provide "equal time" on the "same station/program" for rebuttal, etc.

    Kinda like showing pictures of the rats and trouble in Baltimore, or the feces in the streets of California... only done on non-liberal outlets when the remind people these (and other failing) cities are the ones witha history of DECADES of un-interrupted democrat party rule...

    Or like showing the police reports whre Trump turned in Epstein in PA ... Omars arrest and marriage records

    the money trail around the Clintons.. going back for years selling influence IMHO...

    Nope. Can't have any of that. Gotta get a new SCOTUS so Madcow can rule again...
    Watch for it.. to happen as hard and fast and furious as they can make it happen...

  • RE: Rachel Madcow: I have watched her show carefully for a long time and researched what she was pushing. My comment is:
    Rachel Madcow is the most dishonest person on T.V. ...YES, EVEN MORE DISHONEST THAN MORNIN' "Poop in his Pants" JOE, (whose assistant was found dead in Joe's offices.)..even MORE DISHONEST THAN ...DON DA LEMON........ Sad that people do not pay more attention to the crap these people are handing out........

  • Keep going Rachel on your ratings and maybe we can finally get rid of once and for all...you go girl you go.

  • Rachel Madcow, the 'lying dyke' should not only be fired from the contemptuous MSNBC ; she should be jailed for spreading divisive conspiracy and hatred to American viewers for nearly three years.

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