Protesters Wave Confederate Flags to Greet Obama in Oklahoma


As President Obama and his motorcade rolled into Oklahoma City on Wednesday night, he was greeted by a sight I’m sure he wasn’t expecting. Nearly a dozen protesters were outside the President’s hotel waving Confederate flags.

The Confederate flag has been the subject of mass hysteria since the Charleston shootings, and is being removed from buildings, Walmart shelves, and even leading to a ban on The Dukes of Hazzard sales.

via Politico:

Confederate battle flags greeted President Barack Obama as he arrived here for an overnight stay on Wednesday.

Across the street from his hotel in downtown Oklahoma City, as many as 10 people waved the flags as his motorcade arrived. The group stood among a larger group of demonstrators, many of them there to support the president, who is in town ahead of a visit to a federal prison on Thursday as part of his week long push on criminal justice issues.

We know what liberals are thinking – had to be a bunch of white supremacists, right?


The event was organized by an African-American man named Andrew Duncomb. Duncomb calls himself the “Black Rebel” and has been responsible for other pro-Confederate flag rallies in the past.

Check out the report …

The scariest part of this video is when the journalist seriously asks, “Do they have a right to show that flag on the street?”

The response from his colleague is, “Of course they have a right to show that flag on the street.”

What do you think about protesters greeting President Obama with the Confederate flag?

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