CIA Whistleblower: Trump Has Been Wiretapped ‘For Years’

Back in early March, President Donald J. Trump sent off a series of tweets accusing President Obama of having his “wires tapped.”

Predictably Democrats went into freak out mode, attacking President Trump over his assertion, and the liberal media dutifully went to bat for the Obama administration claiming no such tap ever occurred.

Well, a CIA whistleblower, Dennis Montgomery, is coming to President Trump’s defense, claiming that “there has been a wiretap on Trump for years.” If true, Montgomery’s assertion should validate President Trump’s earlier claim that was mocked by the liberal media.

From Big League Politics:

“I provided to the FBI seventeen businesses of Donald Trump, including the Trump Tower, the Trump leasing programs, all of these different programs, and including Trump himself and the various family members that had been wiretapped under these programs,” Montgomery said in the interview. “There has been a wiretap on Trump for years.”

“I started by going to Maricopa County and showing that Sheriff Arpaio himself was wiretapped under the Obama administration,” the whistleblower said.

“I was a CIA contractor both under John Brennan and under James Clapper and these individuals were running domestic surveillance programs in the United States collecting information on Americans. This isn’t political. They were collecting information on Republicans and Democrats. But they collected everything they could find. Bank accounts, phone numbers, chats, emails, and they collected a massive amount of it under the Obama administration,” Montgomery said.

Montgomery provided the proof of the surveillance program to Judge Royce Lamberth in Washington, D.C. in a videotaped deposition. Montgomery named names–specifically John Brennan and James Clapper at that interview in December of 2015. Montgomery turned over 600 million pages of documentation.

Montgomery spoke of “Massive domestic surveillance, specifically of Article III judges, which seemed to be a primary target of the domestic surveillance because they were looking for information on judges to be able to use it against them as leverage.” “I specifically named names. James Clapper and John Brennan,” Montgomery said. “They know I had the data.”

James Clapper has a history of lying to Congress, so if he was asked about allegations of Trump being wiretapped, don’t expect him to be truthful. While Montgomery claims the surveillance program wasn’t political, it is very troubling that the government was willingly spying on innocent Americans all over the country.

Of course, if this report is true, Obama officials will spin the story and say that Trump was never targeted and any information about the-now president was gathered along with hundreds of other people, incidentally.

Innocent Americans should not be spied upon by the U.S. government, under any circumstance, and this CIA whistleblower seems to have provided President Trump with the facts to back up his March claims.

Do you believe that President Trump was wiretapped? Share your thoughts below! 


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  • American intelligence was tracking Russian communist agents as they tried to gain influence over the American election. When Trump's team spoke with the communists, of course their conversations were monitored. That's what happens to communist sympathizers and spies.

  • Don't forget Eric Snowden said the same thing. So has Julian Assange. The Democrats like to kill the messenger and totally ignore the message. Look at the guys who recorded Planned Parenthood - they have blatant evidence that Planned Parenthood is selling parts from aborted fetuses - they are recorded in conversations saying when the prime time to abort is so they get the best "product". Who went to jail? The guys who did the recording because they were recording them without their knowledge - more left wing hypocrisy.

  • Of course he was tapped and he is tapped now and he should be careful about it. It's a shame that such things are happening at all to OUR PRESIDENT. It another example how low the left will go and here I though Michael told them to go high LOL

  • It was most definitely political, in the broad sense. Not necessarily partisan. But certainly political.

    Please note some things that the excerpt doesn't. This domestic surveillance violates the law, including the CIA's own charter, the Civil Rights laws, the Privacy laws, the Separation of Powers, and the largely moribund Fourth Amendment.

  • I'd like to know the difference between Obama sharing military strategic secrets with the Russians regarding Syria in June, 2016 and what President Trump did????

  • Well at least this is not an unnamed source, guess I pretty much believe this guy. Maby Muller will look into this also.

  • William, the "naysayers" are mentally defunct - there is nothing you can say or do, there is no amount of hard evidence you can show them - they will NOT deter from their goal of bringing down this Nation.

  • Yes, I do believe he was wiretapped. NOTHING the liberals stoop to, surprises me. Our nation is in some serious trouble, & if our President isn't careful, they'll either bring him down, or, have him assassinated. It's been done before, & by our own government. (1963)

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