Pot Meets Kettle: Harry Reid Gives His Opinion on the Republican Presidential Candidates

harry reid

Harry Reid was ousted as Senate Majority Leader as a result of the Republican landslides last November. After an embarrassing defeat, he recently announced that he will not seek reelection. Instead of ending his career on a positive note, Reid is reinforcing his reputation of being a bitter politician clinging to Alinsky tactics, particularly when discussing the 2016 Republican Presidential candidates.

 “I think they’re all losers.”

Reid’s statement highlights the disregard he has for his own hypocrisy. Just last month while Presidential candidate Rand Paul was presiding over the Senate floor, Reid publicly praised the Senator he now calls a loser.


“Just as an aside, most everyone knows at this point that on New Year’s Day I fell and hurt myself, my right eye. During this period of time, the presiding officer, who by the way is a medical doctor and ophthalmologist, has been so kind and thoughtful and considerate. In visiting with me, giving me encouragement, and some expert advice as to what he’s seen in the past, and giving me hope for better sight on my right eye. And I really appreciate it very, very much. And I want the people of Kentucky to know how thoughtful and considerate and kind you’ve been to me over these months.”

Marco Rubio, who announced his Presidential campaign this week, discussed Reid’s insult. Senator Rubio stated that he wasn’t offended as he is used to the left resorting to personal insults in an attempt to demean opponents.



Boy Harry, those grapes sure must be sour.

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