Poll: Young Voters Saying Bye, Bye Biden!

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At this point, Joe Biden has driven away so many young voters that his likely Republican presidential opponent has more youth support than he does – at least in one poll.

That Republican being Donald Trump.

That’s quite the feat for a Democrat, who would normally enjoy the votes of young dewey-eyed voters demanding progressive policies.

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Young Voters Are Over Biden

While other recent polls seem to be in stark contrast to Fox’s poll, you’d be hard-pressed to find a politico who denied Biden has real trouble and vulnerability in the upcoming election.

That will increase among young people the longer the Biden economy continues to gasp and wheeze.

NBC News also covered this trend, reporting:

Jayden Camarena, in Northern California, is contemplating blowing off the 2024 presidential election. Evan McKenzie, in battleground Wisconsin, is looking for any other candidate than the current front-runners. In Philadelphia, Pru Carmichael isn’t even convinced this race matters.

These young voters live in different cities, work different jobs and have varying political beliefs. But among the things they have in common: They voted for Joe Biden in 2020 — and now say the president can’t count on their support in 2024.

“I genuinely could not live with myself if I voted for someone who’s made the decisions that Biden has,” said McKenzie, a 23-year-old working at Starbucks and as a union organizer in Madison, Wisconsin. “I didn’t even feel great about” voting for Biden in 2020, he said.

USA Today also caught up with young voters outside of a Trump rally in New Hampshire, where students’ biggest issues with Biden were the poor economy and seemingly endless war.

Both issues where President Trump is a vast improvement to his opponent, even if some of the unhappy young voters want a more left-wing candidate than Biden.

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How Different Will 2024 Be?

In most modern elections, Democrats have generally performed better with younger voters than Republicans.

We’re less than a year out from the election, but if things don’t change for Joe Biden, 2024 could be historic for at least one demographic.

Time will tell just how angry this group becomes over the next year if things don’t turn around.

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