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Poll Shows Trump More Popular Today Than on Election Day

A newly released ABC News/Washington Post poll shows President Trump more popular among registered voters than he was on Election Day in 2016.

This means that despite constant media attacks, endless frivolous investigations, and a myriad of impeachment worthy hoaxes by the Democrats, Trump is sitting just as pretty as he did on the day of his historic victory over Hillary Clinton.

According to this particular poll, the President saw a five-point jump in support from April.

Trump hit 47 percent approval among registered voters, a rate higher than his 45.9 percent of the popular vote he had in defeating Hillary.

Turns Out a Good Economy Makes People Happy

The Daily Mail reports the improved numbers “could likely be attributed to a strong economy with continuously increasing job numbers and historically low unemployment rates.”

It’s the economy stupid.

Perhaps more worrisome for the Democrats is that this jump in support came after the first round of Democratic primary debates. In other words, people saw what the other side was offering and decided Trump is the better choice.


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It’s also worth noting that 47 percent represents a higher percentage than Barack Obama had at this stage of his presidency – and he won his re-election bid.

Other Reasons

Aside from the economic explosion this country has experienced since Trump took office, other polls show support for the President’s policies.

Trump has long had support for his executive orders on illegal immigration, squashing regulation, and ending Obamacare. Even a majority of Hispanics agreed with Trump’s policies on deportation and defunding sanctuary cities.

Other polls have shown increasing support for a wall at the southern border.

Multiple studies have also found race relations, despite the media narrative, have actually improved under the Trump administration.

Rasmussen recently found that 33 percent of U.S. voters think life for young black Americans has gotten better since Trump’s election.

President Trump, in an interview with NBC’s Chuck Todd, said he’s not ready to exit in 2020.

“No, I’m probably not too prepared to lose,” he said. “I don’t like losing. I haven’t lost very much in my life.”

If the economy holds, approval numbers continue to improve, and the resistance party continues to fall over themselves moving to the extreme left, Trump isn’t going to have to worry about losing any time soon.