— The Hill (@thehill) June 23, 2019

Trump replied, “I’ll say something that, again, is controversial. There were a lot of votes cast that I don’t believe. I look at California —”

“Mr. President,” Todd interrupted,  and then Trump shot back at the host, “Excuse me. Take a look at Judicial Watch. Take a look at their settlement. California admitted to a million votes.”

“What are you talking about?” Todd asked.

Trump said, “Judicial Watch made a settlement. There was much illegal voting.”

If there was anyone ever not ‘prepared’ to win, it was Hillary Clinton in 2016

Hillary Clinton was so shocked she lost on election night 2016 that she didn’t even give her concession speech the same night, which was an insult not only to the many campaign workers and volunteers who worked hard for her, but the millions of Americans who voted for the former First Lady.

Then her entire party spent the next two years making up Russian conspiracy theories about the election in an attempt to save face after losing to Donald Trump.

Has any other presidential candidate in the history of American politics ever behaved this way after a loss? Didn’t such behavior reveal the sheer arrogance of Clinton and the pomposity of the Democrat?

Has there ever been a presidential candidate more ‘unprepared?’ And what Chuck Todd or any other liberal dare ask Hillary Clinton about it?