Media Tries to Bury Trump After Immigration Comments, America Has THIS to Say

The liberal media wants you to believe a majority of Americans took offense to Donald Trump’s remarks on immigration. Democrats want you to believe that Trump is the next Todd Akin, and that amnesty is the only answer to our border woes. Republicans, meanwhile, can’t distance themselves fast enough from the real estate mogul’s comments.

There’s only one problem with this narrative – people aren’t buying it, and Trump is surging because he’s struck a chord on illegal immigration.

In an average of 105 polls according to the Huffington Post, Trump came out on top of all confirmed Republican candidates.



Via the Daily Telegraph:

But for Donald Trump the inveterate showman and Republican challenger for president, the week was a triumph as he climbed in the opinion polls and dominated media coverage, despite the backlash against his decision to condemn Mexican immigrants as rapists and drug traffickers.

“Wow, Huffington Post just stated that I am number one in the polls of Republican candidates,” the brash billionaire bragged as the week closed, citing the liberal media outlet that has been a platform for many of the strongest attacks on him. “Thank you, but the work has just begun!”

Trump recently told Howard Kurtz of Media Buzz that he’s not going to sit idly by as the media tears him apart.

“I believe in punching back,” he said.

via WND:

When Donald Trump recently spoke up about the negative effects of illegal immigration he was vilified in the press and by several GOP presidential candidates but shot up in the polls to top place in the race for the nomination.

Ann Coulter’s scathing indictment of immigration “Adios Ameica” immediately rocketed to No. 1 on Amazon’s list of political bestsellers, but no one will debate her on the topic, except Geraldo Rivera.

Coulter has consistently pointed out the facts and figures argue against increased immigration, and has called for a moratorium on both legal and illegal immigration for more than a year.

In her most recent column, titled, “Media hide facts, call everyone else a liar,” Coulter wrote, “When Donald Trump said something not exuberantly enthusiastic about Mexican immigrants, the media’s response was to boycott him. One thing they didn’t do was produce any facts showing he was wrong.”

Regarding his surging poll numbers, Trump believes this is just the beginning.

“I think they’re going to go higher,” Trump said. “Because I really think people agree with what I say about the border and just agree with me, period.”

Do you think Trump is a negative for the Republican party, or has he figured out a winning strategy by channeling America’s disdain for illegal immigration?

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