This Police Officer Lost His Job Because He Did The Right Thing, Now He Needs Your Help!


You would think our police officers have it hard already, doing their job day in and day out, being threatened on the streets, not knowing whether they’re going to go home and see their families, so when they do something for the betterment of the community they should be praiseed not punished.

This tragic story below is one that I came across and should be shared by all as this officer put his charity and his focus above everything else, only to lose his job.


Officer Scott Gibbons is a Piedmont (OK) Police Officer that has raised money for Special Olympics for several years. While he has always used social media to help raise funds for the annual Polar Plunge, an event where police officers jump into cold water to benefit Special Olympics, this year there were consequences.

After posting on Facebook this year, Scott was suspended by his department.

Police Chief Scott Singer has called it a “big misunderstanding” and the Fraternal Order of Police has filed a grievance.

Phil Wise represents Scott with the FOP and states that Scott is “tough” and he gave his “heart and soul” to the city.

Chief Singer says that others are being misled and that Scott was not suspended for raising money for Special Olympics but rather for the the social media policy.

The policy bans the endorsement of a social issue, cause or religion.

Law Officer found online where Scott has raised thousands of dollars through the years for Special Olympics.  We applaud his efforts and he is a great credit to our profession.  We recommend that you donate Scott’s cause.

You can do that here


There is an online petition to have Officer Gibbons reinstated but your signature is needed.  You can sign this petition by clicking here.

We need officers like this on our streets, in our neighborhoods, protecting those who they serve. This was a great misunderstanding that needs to be rectified as soon as possible. We can’t afford to lose good police officers over outdated policies.


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