Video of Dad Scared by Kids in Leaf Pile Goes Viral

When you were a kid, how many times did you play in the fall leaves in the yard and then decide to hide underneath to scare your friends?

This mom thought it would be a great viral video to watch her husband get the shock of his life, so she got the kids and did a great job hiding them under the hill of leaves.

Dad was laser-focused on taking care of the leaves as most fathers and men would be. Being that focused on your tasks makes sure of one thing, you don’t see anything else around you… and mom knew it!

Not to get off topic, but there is an art form to gathering leaves with a blower and then working them to be collected. The process could take 4-5 hours depending on the yard size. Watching the father in the video below reminds me of the old times and how much fun I had. Then of course there were times I didn’t have fun.

Especially when it was a chore. But I am sure the kids in the video had fun shocking their dear old dad, and that’s what makes watching it all the more beautiful.

Did you see his reaction? He wasn’t sure how to react. The way he fell backwards, it looked like mom’s plan work like a gem. The kids were the icing on the cake and I am sure after dad pieced all of it together he felt so much better.

He probably thought there was an animal under there, possibly a drifter or someone dangerous looking to attack him but he found relief knowing it his children.

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