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Superhero Dance Routine Goes Viral

Ok, sometimes people do things that take it too far, and this my friends has pushed the limits on what you shouldn’t do when portraying a superhero.

My favorite superhero when I was a child was Superman. I remember him as the strongest superhero in the entire comic book universe. I didn’t see any match for him. I read his comics each and every month and I defended him against all other heroes my friends chose to pit him against.

So let me say with 100 percent respect for what these clowns are doing in this video, “Y’all are wrong.”

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These guys are definitely having a silly time dancing and having fun, but this is oh so wrong. I hope little kids didn’t get a whiff of whatever these men were smoking. I want to see my heroes saving the day or at least pulling a stranded cat from a tree. My feeling are hurt watching these caped crusaders and wall-climbing warriors dance the light fantastic.

I am not sure who placed me on the path to watching these weirdos but I thought maybe if I shared it with you then you might be able to give me some sort of reason they are doing this.

From the jump, I am crying laughing at their moves. I can’t believe the choreography. One thing about these crime fighters, they seemed to have lost some muscular attributes.  I always thought they were larger than this in the movies and I know for a fact they are toned a lot differently in the comic books so I guess these are imposters right?

Maybe we should get Special Counsel Robert Mueller to weigh in on this investigation so we can unsee this and get back to promoting the real heroes of crime fighting.

Please don’t be angry at me for showing you this, I hope you got a good laugh. I know some of you will have to wash your eyes but Happy Holidays you.

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