If you are an animal lover you are so going to love this!

A real estate agent’s offer to pay for any animal adopted at Sacramento’s Front Street Animal Shelter for the remainder of the year just triggered an overwhelming first-day response.

The shelter posted the offer on Facebook on Tuesday evening. More than 6.2 million people had viewed it as of November 17, 2016.

Bobby Mann, a spokesman for the shelter, said more than 250 people were lined up when the shelter opened at noon, an unprecedented number for a weekday. By mid-afternoon, a sign was posted announcing: “All cats adopted today.”

As of about 4:30 p.m., an hour before closing time, 20 cats and 21 dogs had been adopted, said Jenman Fong, a customer service representative.

This was remarkable!

pet adoption

From Front Street Animal Shelter Facebook:

Free adoptions to get pets home for the holidays!

An incredibly generous woman is paying for every animal to be adopted so they can have homes by Christmas! Please help us thank Kim Pacini-Hauch for her tremendous act of kindness. All animals are free to adopt tomorrow through December 31st – Share to empty our shelter!

Watch the video report here:

Who does this? I mean you have to have a huge heart of gold to provide this type of special service for these forgotten animals that need homes. I am still shocked at the thought and the generosity that followed.

Here’s how people responded to Pacini-Hauch’s act of kindness:

If you live anywhere close to this shelter and are in need of pet, take this woman up on her kindness and adopt one of these beautiful animals!

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H/T: Sacramento Bee