Pelosi Forced To Cancel Lavish Dinner For New Dem Members Of Congress After Photo Sparks Backlash

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was forced to cancel a lavish dinner for new Democrats who had just been elected to Congress after a photo went viral online showing tables being set up for the extravagant event.

Pelosi Hit With Backlash Over Photo

The photo immediately caused Pelosi and Democrats to be hit with backlash from social media users who accused them of hypocrisy for throwing such a party while simultaneously banning Americans from having large gatherings amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

Drew Hamill, Pelosi’s deputy chief of staff, initially stood by how “safe” the event was, writing on Twitter, “Our office strictly follows the guidance of the Office of Attending Physician, including for this dinner. To be a further model for the nation, this event has been modified to allow Members-elect to pick up their meals to go in a socially-distanced manner.”

However, he eventually backed down to the backlash, writing, “Members-elect are now picking up their boxed meals and departing the Capitol. There is no group dinner. Members-elect are in DC already for orientation.”

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Social Media Users Fire Back

Social media users on all sides of the political spectrum were appalled that Democrats would even consider having a gathering such as this one right now, according to Fox News.

“Imagine telling families not to hold Thanksgiving (we shouldn’t) and then doing this. Come. On,” tweeted New York magazine reporter Nikole Hannah-Jones, with leftwing comedian Billy Eichner adding, “Terrible and embarrassing for all involved,”

“This should be canceled and frankly I’m shocked anybody thought having an indoor social meal right now was a good idea to begin with,” wrote Vox journalist Aaron Rupar wrote. Radio host Buck Sexton tweeted, “Covid rules are for the little people.”

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This is happening while Americans are told it will be against the law for them to have Thanksgiving with their families,” tweeted Washington Examiner journalist Jerry Dunleavy. “Yet again, the political class is openly & publicly showing it doesn’t think the rules apply to them, thus helping destroy the trust needed to beat this virus.

Even Chelsea Clinton herself weighed in, and she couldn’t defend Democrats on this one either.

“Please cancel these in-person dinners, @SpeakerPelosi & @kevinomccarthy to keep everyone safe from #covid19 – yourselves, your new members, servers, the Capitol police and all of their families and contacts. And, to show public health leadership,” she wrote.

This isn’t the first time that Pelosi has been caught trying to break her own COVID rules. Earlier this year, she was caught on camera maskless at a hair salon in San Francisco, breaking her own state and city ordinances. Despite the fact that she was caught red-handed, Pelosi stayed defiant and nonsensically claimed she was “set up” by the salon owner.

This piece was written by James Samson on November 15, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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  • That doggone, darn hairdresser did it again!! With her devious, irresistible charms and snake-like hypnotism, the hairdresser forced Pelosi to display the most disgusting and most total hypocrisy that she "rejects". Could it be that that hairdresser is really the domineering Queen of the Borg Collective in Star Trek Voyager, which always said in a creepy voice: "Resistance is futile!" Remember? We must ask that hairdresser Borg Queen to completely remove Pelosi and the tyrant Democrats for good and take them into another galaxy a thousand fartillion light years away. Hypocrisy is too highly toxic for this galaxy!!

  • I think take out boxes are a great idea.....I wonder what bake crow tastes like? An speaking of crow....why did that hack Chelsea include kevin mccarthy in her suggestion not to throw a big party. Did she get a heads up? I certainly didn't hear about a big party he is throwing. Who let her out of the basement anyway.

  • Another example of one of the planks of the Dem platform: "The rules that apply to you deplorable chumps don't apply to us because we are special, superior and anointed."

  • Awww! No gossiping at the community serve-yourself Beluga caviar bowl, and Dom Perignon champagne open-bar...and all at taxpayer expense! It must be awful for those politicians in DC, how do they cope...

  • wah, wah. Pelosi can't have her royal soiree to sashay about making sure the new zombies will toe the line.

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  • Why is this gathering just for DIMMs, they have taken a beating in this election in the House and are close to losing their majority and why does the taxpayer have to support this insult and to abide the edicts that are being foisted on the tax payer for what amounts to a illegal gathering...?????...Pray tell is this to toxic to comment on?

  • Good grief! States were still counting and not one state had certified the votes, yet "dinners" for new House members are being held. Who is paying for this? By the way, "new" members of the House have no authority until sworn in on January 3, 2023.

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