House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s coronavirus plan includes orders that “non-violent” felons and illegal aliens are released from jail.

Felons And Illegal Aliens To Be Released Under Plan

Pelosi’s relief package includes provisions that any felons, illegal aliens, and local convicts should be released back into the community if they are deemed to not be a threat.

Included in a summary of Pelosi’s legislation are sections that: “mandate the release into community super community supervision of federal prisoners and pretrial detainees who are non-violent and, for instance, pregnant women, juveniles, older prisoners and detainees, and those with certain medical conditions;” ” requires DHS to review the immigration files of all individuals in the custody of ICE to assess the need for continued detention;” prioritizing the release of individuals held by ICE “who are not subject to mandatory detention… either on recognizance or into an alternative to detention program, unless the individual is a threat to public safety or national security.”

Another section of the legislation “expands court authority to order compassionate release for federal prisoners and to reduce sentences, and removes administrative barriers that slow the ability of prisoners to seek compassionate release,” and “authorizes courts to temporarily release persons who have been sentenced, but have not yet been transported to a Bureau of Prisons facility, to protect them from COVID-19.”

Why Do The Democrats Hate The Safety Of The American People?

This is complete insanity. Once more, the Democrats are prioritizing the protection of literal felons and illegal aliens over that of the American people! We know that liberal judges have been prone to releasing people that should still remain locked up, and this will only give them more licence to do so! I’m sorry, but if you’re in jail, you’re in there for a reason, and should stay there! Plus, the amount of people who are considered “at risk” is an insanely high number, given the multitude of conditions that exist that can make somebody more at risk of falling ill to the coronavirus.

If we’re starting to end the lockdown now, why is this legislation necessary? It seems like the Democrats get some kind of sick kick out of subjecting the American people to crime. Hundreds of violent criminals have already been released, and gone on to offend again, so the claim that this would apply to only non-violent individuals is absolutely laughable.