Pelosi Vows to Stop Border Wall, Push Amnesty if Democrats Win in 2018

Nancy Pelosi gave a preview of things to come should Democrats win in 2018, including a vow to stop construction of the border wall and using newfound leverage to push amnesty and gun control.

Speaking at Harvard’s Institute of Politics, the Minority Leader explained that Democrat control in the House “would make a difference in whether” she could successfully negotiate with President Trump on such big-ticket political items.

In a September interview, Pelosi expressed confidence that she would once again be in control of the gavel following the midterms.

“I feel very confident about the support of my colleagues as well as the fact that we will win the election,” she declared.

What’s at stake if the Democrats win the House

Pelosi was quick to address some major party issues that could tear down the President’s ‘Make America Great Again’ agenda should Democrats get control of the House.

Scrapping the wall

First up – the border wall, something the President may rue not getting done well before the midterms even came into play.

When a questioner, citing concerns of people in rural areas in the United States, asked what she might be willing to trade to get the border wall built, Pelosi responded, “nothing.”

She claimed Trump’s border wall is “immoral, expensive, ineffective, not something that people do between countries,” before claiming the President only wants the wall because it’s “a manhood issue.”

Amnesty and gun control

Upon declaring the border wall as a non-negotiable matter, Pelosi went on to lay out plans for her party if the ‘blue wave’ is successful in 2018.

She told Politico that having the gavel would grant her leverage over Trump and the Republicans to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants and introducing new gun control.

“It’s an interesting dynamic when you have the gavel,” Pelosi said, referring to the power she might wield after 2018. “It just makes all the difference in the world and the leverage you have in your conversations.”

Tax cuts

Pelosi in previous comments has promised the Democrats will immediately repeal the Trump tax cuts.

“It’s not about chipping at this piece or that piece, it’s about a comprehensive look at what our tax policy should be for the future.”

“Replace them (Republicans) and repeal the bill,” she declared.

Will she win

Despite the confidence she had during the September interview, Pelosi and the Democrats are proceeding a bit more cautiously as things come down to the wire.

DCCC Chair Ben Ray Lujan, according to the California Democrat, “says we should be prepared for not knowing, but I’m just hoping that we will” win back the House.

Pelosi added that a mere “25,000 votes could determine the gavel.”

Recent polls show those races considered a ‘toss up’ are actually starting to favor Republicans by a very slim margin as the election approaches.

Other’s in her party worry that they overplayed their hand during the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation spectacle, something that could motivate Republican voters to squash the ‘blue wave.’

If nothing else, Republican voters should be motivated to stop any reincarnation of the Pelosi speakership era.

Aside from stopping the border wall, imposing further gun control, and granting amnesty to illegals, the ever-looming speculation of impeachment will be in play.

Throw in a vow to repeal GOP tax cuts and a Democrat victory could spell disaster for our country.

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