Obama Warns Us AGAIN: We Must Reach Climate Deal Before It’s Too Late — This Guy Has lost It!

On Monday, President Barack Obama said world leaders must agree to cut carbon emissions at a U.N. summit in December because the climate is changing faster than efforts to curb global warming.

“This year, in Paris, must be the year that the world finally reaches an agreement to protect the one planet we’ve got while we still can,” Obama said, according to his prepared remarks.

Can this guy just go away? He has already caused enough damage. Obama, go away!

Why is everything so dire with this man? Everything “MUST BE DONE NOW!”

Don’t believe me?

How about Obamacare, TPP, NDAA, Iran deal and many others. It hasn’t worked out well for the people anytime he has done this. Mark my words, people are in for a shock when Obamacare really kicks in next year, and all premiums go up and then there are the fines. Enough’s enough!

Maybe my headline should have read: “Obama says the world must reach a climate deal in Paris ‘while we still can.” For every mile Obama flies in AF-1, he generates 105.5 lbs of CO2. Round trip to Alaska is 7,000 miles, and just on this one trip, Obama generates 359 tons of CO2. And he’s complaining about global warming.

My momma didn’t raise any fool!


What sick people we have leading this nation.  If Obama would only admit how many predictions have failed to come true, and how the IPCC models are rigged to show the worst-case scenarios, which almost certainly will not come true.

Climate Alarmists are truly the ‘alchemists’ of today, profiting with millions (Al Gore) by selling the ‘snake-oil’ which will keep the world from coming to an end. These people are absolutely sickening and disgusting, trying to manipulate the public for their agenda’s sake.

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H/T – BBC, Alaska Dispatch News

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