While Speaking in Africa, Obama Brags That He’s Too Wealthy – VIDEO

Former President Barack Obama has been quiet during the various investigations into corruption at the FBI. But now he’s back in action and he just made embarrassingly elitist comments while speaking in South Africa on Tuesday. Watch (below) as the former President brags about how much money he has. (RELATED: Obama Visits Kenya, Declares He’s a ‘Citizen of the World’).

Obama was quick to take thinly-veiled shots at President Donald J. Trump and his administration for undoing eight years of Obama-era policies. The event was supposed to honor the late Nelson Mandela, but Obama never misses a chance to promote left-wing causes and jab Republicans.

Obama opined, “For almost all countries, progress is going to depend on an inclusive market-based system – one that offers education for every child, that protects collective bargaining and secures the rights of every worker. That breaks up monopolies to encourage competition and small and medium-sized businesses and has laws that root out corruption and ensures fair dealing in business, that maintains some form of progressive taxation so that rich people are still rich, but they’re giving a little bit back to make sure that everybody else has something to pay for universal healthcare and retirement security, and invest in infrastructure and scientific research that builds platforms for innovation.”

Then, Obama added, “I should add by the way right now I’m actually surprised by how much money I got, and let me tell you something I don’t have half as much as most of these folks or a tenth or a hundredth,” Obama said arrogantly. “There’s only so much you can eat, there’s only so big a house you can have, there’s only so many nice trips you can take. I mean, it’s enough.”

Watch the cringe-worthy remarks below:

What is Obama’s strategy here? He’s always calculated and shows no signs of leaving Washington, D.C. like most presidents do. As we see from thousands of texts from politically biased FBI agents Lisa Page and Peter Stzok, the outrageously criminal effort to hurt Trump’s campaign seems to have been orchestrated in the Obama White House. Perhaps Obama is sending a sign that he’s ready to fight back, and signaling to his friends in the liberal media that it’s time to circle the wagons.

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Thomas is a movement conservative and American patriot. He has a vigorous blue-collar, Jacksonian attitude with a skeptical eye toward pop culture and political correctness. He’s not afraid to sound the alarm about America’s rapid decline. He has worked on political campaigns for over a decade at every level of government.

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  • All I heard Obama do was brag about everything he did to impede progress in the USA with his criminal racist friends gathered in the SA.
    Mandela the Commie and his successors are only about "redistributing" the wealth they have no idea how to create it and redistribution can only get the Communists so far. Then one by one socialist states collapse.

  • Somebody tell Mr. I'm Too Rich.. he can put some of that money back. Or all of it. I don't think he earned more that 25 or 35k per year as president. The rest of it he just TOOK because congress just pissed away the money. Like his multitude of huge vacation packages... Put that money BACK Into the SSI.. A program I've worked all my life to support.. the same one you've ruined.
    The same one They're telling me when I'm 70 in 2034 they're going to say "oopsie. We're broke. We gave all your money to a buncha foreign nationals so they would vote democrat, and can't get it back. Now we're broke. Sorry. Sure we gave some of it to ourselves, just a little bit, via kickbacks from programs we put together that could "borrow" from the SSI program. Too bad, so sad, white boy, we took all your life's work and pissed it down a drain or gave it to a bunch of other politicians but boy we did help a lot of people from other countries stay here so they could vote for us so we could continue to help you". REGAN WAS RIGHT. The WORST WORDS YOU CAN EVER HEAR ARE "I'm from the government, I'm here to help".

  • This is a ruse to lure people to like him for what he is; Socialist/Communist, preying on the poor and Ignorant people. A real lowlife!

  • Now would be a GREAT TIME to revoke his Passport, deny him reentry to the US.......unless he can finally prove his Citizenship, provide a REAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE!

  • Well, if a politician cannot get rich unless he's a crook, then that means he's admitting that he's a crook.

  • Hmmmmmmm. Went into the office with pretty much nothing. Came out of the office a millionaire with his own private jet. Pretty good for a worthless community activist. Now, where did this horses a$$ get all this money?

  • Since the brown clown is a free agent, perhaps NASA might hire him.( got plenty bathroom attendants currently)
    A COON ON DE' MOON sounds about right.
    His ideas on earth ar as effective as smoke.

  • Mrs.F posting: obama is a big POS. He almost destroyed the U.S. and now he is traveling to other countries causing trouble. Maybe those Muslims he was afraid to call radicallized can find him and invite him to dinner where he suffers their royal treatment of those they hate.

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