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Senator Elizabeth Warren kept up her war of words with Tesla CEO Elon Musk saying he's "the world's richest freeloader" who "evidently has a very thin skin."
December 16, 2021
Elizabeth Warren her war of words with Tesla CEO Elon Musk saying he’s “the world’s richest freeloader” who “evidently has a very thin skin.”
dan crenshaw elizabeth warren
May 20, 2021
Far-left tax proposal, Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren shared some misleading numbers.Then Republican Congressman Dan Crenshaw
kamala harris poll
April 28, 2021
Rasmussen poll released Monday, 51 percent of American voters have a negative impression of Vice President Kamala Harris, a small majority.
Biden Appears To Break Promise To Not Raise Taxes On Americans Making Less Than $400K
March 19, 2021
Joe Biden promised, “I will raise taxes for anybody making over $400,000,” but also, there would be “no new taxes” under $400,000.
Biden Campaign Ad Portrays Wealthy Investor As Struggling Bar Owner
October 20, 2020
Joe Biden’s campaign is catching flak after a new ad depicts a wealthy and Democratic Party contributor as a struggling bar owner.
November 14, 2019
Billionaire Lloyd Blankfein railed against Elizabeth Warren Thursday for vilifying wealthy people as she tries to wage a pitched battle against Wall Street.
September 10, 2019
President Trump, contrary to what the media believes, is not interested in being more popular than his predecessor, Barack Obama.
Obama South Africa speech
July 17, 2018
During the Obama South Africa speech the former president actually said that he said that he was too wealthy, which is quite ironic