President Obama took a direct shot at Donald Trump when he addressed an annual convention for the Disabled American Veterans group in Atlanta.

With the backdrop of the Khizr Khan controversy looming, Obama told the group “As commander-in-chief, I’m pretty tired of some folks trash-talking America’s military and troops.”

The president however, may not want to head down that road, being a man who frequently insults our military and veterans.

Here is a short list of the most infuriating times Obama has insulted our men and women in the military:

#1) President Obama was too busy dancing on his vacation to attend the funeral of Major General Harold Greene, the highest ranking military member killed in combat since Vietnam. Greene was given full military honors and a 13-gun salute, along with a plethora of well-deserved ceremonial merits including “a caisson, two escort platoons, casket team, firing party, colors team, and a caparisoned horse.” Obama, instead of paying his respects, was doing this …

Obama military

#2) Obama famously delivered a ‘latte salute’ to the Marines at the bottom of the stairs. The president couldn’t muster enough effort to switch the coffee he was holding to another hand and properly salute.

#3) Another Marine was the object of Obama’s disdain when the president violated military regulations and ordered a pair of soldiers to hold umbrellas over his and a Prime Minister’s head, during a speech in the Rose Garden. Apparently his own aides couldn’t be bothered with such a task, so the Marines were assigned the mission which they naturally carried out without complaint.

#4) During a budget battle in 2013, President Obama ordered park services shut down to make a point to Republicans. Some of those parks included memorials for veterans, including a World War II national memorial which was barricaded to keep elderly veterans from visiting.


#5) Easily the worst example of not only trashing our military and veterans, but leaving them to die – Well over 300,000 veterans dies on secret waiting lists as they sought health care services from the VA.

The thing is, Obama was warned during his transition in 2008 that VA medical facilities were reporting inaccurate waiting times and experiencing scheduling failures that threatened to deny veterans timely health care.

And he did nothing.

Comment: Can you think of any other instances where Obama trashed our military and veterans? We suspect this could be a much larger list. Tell us your thoughts below.

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