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Photo of Obama “Helping” Hurricane Harvey Goes Viral – But It Is from 2015

As Texas continues to suffer from the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey, liberals immediately decided to make it political.

First, they blamed global warming and then immediately analyzed Trump’s decision to visit disaster areas. They wanted to compare it to how former president Barack Obama reacted.

Then, someone tweeted out a photo of Obama helping Harvey victims. It included a caption, “something you’ll never see Trump do: Obama is in Texas serving meals!”

The photo went viral. In one day, it had more than 15,000 likes and 8,000 retweets. But, hilariously, the photo was from Thanksgiving 2015 at a food shelter.

How embarrassing:

It’s good that Obama was actually serving meals at Thanksgiving. But liberals on the internet are so unhinged about the election of President Trump that they will cling on to anything to attack him… sharing and retweeting before checking the facts.

As Dr. Gorka noted, this is liberal #fakenews at its finest:

In the meantime, President Trump and First Lady Melania are in Texas surveying the devastation and taking action to help Texans in need.

What do you think about this shameful, fake attack on President Trump? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us.