The plan is set: President Trump will be visiting Texas on Tuesday as a show of support for the people of Houston who are battling historic flooding.

And now we know where First Lady Melania Trump will be: Right by her husband’s side as the people of Houston recover this from heartbreaking disaster.

Melania will reportedly travel with President Trump to Texas, but neither will visit the city of Houston. Out of respect for the ongoing rescue efforts, they will visit another part of the state.

Here’s more info from the Washington Examiner:

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said Monday the president will not be visiting Houston during his trip.

“The place he will be going to will not be Houston, so [he] will not be getting into harm’s way or interrupting the evacuations or emergency response in the Houston area,” Abbott told CBS. “He most likely will be going closer to where the hurricane hit land.”

This is good news. When a president visits somewhere, it can be a logistical nightmare. You have to account for security personnel, food, shelter, transportation, and a whole host of other factors.

By avoiding the Houston area, the Trumps will save the city a lot of grief. And right now, the city of Houston could use all the help it can get.

It’s also great to see our president taking such a keen interest in a part of our country roiled by a natural disaster. A year ago, when a hurricane struck Louisiana, killing a dozen people, President Obama refused to visit until it was too late.

I’m happy we have a president who puts the American people first.

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