In a surprising twist, the would-be bomber put a surprise return address on his deadly packages. The return address is none other than Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the former head of the Democratic National Committee:

Of course, Schultz in all likelihood didn’t send these packages. This was just a dirty trick by the bomber.

Original article:

Former President Barack Obama is the among the latest to be the victim of a bomb scare this morning after a suspicious package sent to his Washington D.C. home was intercepted.

This came after the Clintons faced a similar scare earlier in the day, and billionaire liberal megadonor George Soros faced a bomb scare yesterday.

CNN also had to evacuate their New York office because they believed to have received an explosive device in the mail:

Leftist and media narrative ginned up to invent rampant right-wing violence

Naturally, a handful of pundits on the left are seizing on the news to “prove” that right-wing violence is rampant, with absolutely no evidence about the perpetrator or motive. And yes, they’re blaming Trump too.

One liberal, in condemning the bomb scares, also decided that he suddenly cares about politicians being confronted by mobs:

Political violence has been almost exclusively left-wing

And those pundits couldn’t be more clueless, or dishonest. Up until this point, nearly all political violence has been coming exclusively from one direction: the left. Where to even start that list?

There’s Rand Paul nearly being murdered by his left-wing neighbor. Steve Scalise nearly being shot to death at a GOP baseball game where Rand Paul, Jeff Falke, Mo Brooks, and other representatives were all targeted by a Bernie Sanders supporter. Last year a Pennsylvania man shot his neighbor, a GOP committeeman, in the head twice over a Trump-related political dispute. Two Republican candidates in Minnesota were assaulted just last week, and a man was arrested for a ricin scare targeting Defense Secretary James Mattis earlier in the month.

Threats escalated against Sarah Huckabee Sanders to the point where she’s the first White House Press Secretary to ever require secret service protection. With the exception of Pelosi being recently heckled, all the targeted harassment of politicians has been of Trump team members, including DHS Secretary Kristjen Nielsen, Stephen Miller, Mitch McConnell and Elaine Chao, Ted Cruz, and others.

If there’s anyone encouraging violence against their political opponents, it’s not from the right. Maxine Waters openly brags that she threatens supporters of President Trump “all the time.” Cory Booker has advised his supporters to “get up in the face” of those who support the President’s agenda. Former AG Eric Holder bastardized Michelle Obama’s calls for civility, telling an audience “when they go low, we kick.” When asked if he condemned protestors confronting and harassing Republicans and their families in restaurants on CNN, Bernie Sanders deflected and instead indicated he believes that such harassment could help mobilize Democrat voters in the midterms.

At least Republicans will condemn violence when it’s being carried out against the Left.

When the reverse happens, it gets encouragement.