The media speaks about Donald Trump’s vendetta against them as if it were unprovoked. In reality, it’s the media that first declared war on then-candidate, now-President Trump. Study after study proves that over 90% of the mainstream media’s coverage of Trump is negative – Trump simply took notice and is reacting accordingly. (RELATED: Media Coverage Of Trump Has Been 90 Percent Negative).

He’s known for blasting CNN as “fake news” during his press conferences and refusing to take questions from their reporters. Trump officials recently banned one CNN journalist from attending a public appearance of Trump’s in the White House Rose Garden on Wednesday. CNN’s Kaitlin Collins said she was chastised for asking “inappropriate questions.”  “They did not like the questions I asked President Trump about the news of the day,” Collins said, before claiming that the White House then barred her from entering the event.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders clarified what actually happened. “At the conclusion of a press event in the Oval Office a reporter shouted questions and refused to leave despite repeatedly being asked to do so,” Sanders said in a statement. “Subsequently, our staff informed her she was not welcome to participate in the next event but made clear that any other journalist from her network could attend.”

So, that story was vastly overblown. But let’s suppose for a second that Trump did begin banning journalists from certain events.

What kind of tyrant could do such a thing?

Obama, that’s who.

One Twitter user decided to throw together a compilation of all the times the Obama administration kicked out journalists (or trashed them in a Trumpian fashion), and boy is the list comprehensive.

The first in the series of tweets is actually a protester being evicted from an event, but I include this one because of what the protester said while being kicked out; “NO MORE DEPORTATIONS.” None of the members of the media seemed concerned with the “problem” of deportations under Obama, of course.

Now, here’s the rest.

While the Trump administration reprimanded a member of CNN’s news team, Obama did worse to CNN’s main competitor, FOX News. In fall of 2009, Obama’s administration made a concerted effort to exclude Fox News from a press pool following a number of public attacks Obama had made against the network.

And who could forget that Hillary Clinton famously refused to answer questions during the 2016 election?

Remember all the hysterical outrage from the liberal media over that?

Yeah, me neither.