Obama Administration Tries to Gag Fox News On Benghazi

Greta Van Susteren announced on her show on Fox News that the Obama Administration contacted her, asking she influence her colleague to stop investigating the Benghazi attacks, in which the American Ambassador and three other Americans were murdered by Islamic militants.

“Since day one of Benghazi FOX News has been aggressively investigating. It hasn’t been easy. It’s been more like pulling teeth to get answers from the Obama administration. The Obama administration’s behavior post Benghazi has been weird. Like they’re trying to hide something. First that silly story about that video. Remember Susan Rice on all the Sunday talk shows? Even President Obama kept talking about the video for weeks. So FOX continued to press for information… A few weeks later when FOX news reporter Jennifer Griffin said she was told there was a stand-down order at Benghazi, I got a weird call from the Obama administration trying to pressure me to get Jennifer to back down on her report. I thought the call from the Obama administration was dirty. Incidentally, I don’t control my colleagues and they don’t control me.”

Candidate Obama campaigned on transparency but two years after this attack, the facts are still not available.

Erin P

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  • Sorry, I forgot to ad in my post above that I can only hope someone from Fox News reads my post. Probably not though.

  • What is so hard to understand about what happened in Benghazi? Personally, I believe the upshot here is much the same as what happened with the Seal Team Six members who were apparently set up and murdered by this same regime. Pro-Islam/Pro-jihadist Obama and Hillary Clinton either orchestrated, helped orchestrate (as seemingly evident by the near immediate excuses and lies of the film supposedly causing riots being at the root of the Benghazi murders by Islamic Muslim Terrorists. And then Obama's dithering throughout and after these murders and wrongfully imprisoning the film's creator (which we have heard nothing about since his imprisonment, not even if he was ever freed, publicly apologized to by Obama, Hillary, Pelosi and the rest, and given any form of restitution while having his name and reputation publicly cleared). Then we have all the lies, legal maneuvering, tampering with witnesses and I believe I remember hearing evidence, stonewalling while the supposed justice department (aka Eric Holder) doesn't even investigate, and trying to stop media reports and investigations of this US travesty. The only other thing that has supposedly come out of this is details about Hillary through her State Department funneling weapons through Benghazi to provide arms and aid to Islamic Terrorists for Obama and some of his other cronies (aka aiding and abetting our nation's sworn and known enemies, aka committing treason by clear and concise lawfully correct definition). Still, very few seem to understand these points and almost no one in politics, law enforcement, or our military seem willing to voice these aspects of the Benghazi murders, which Obama, Hillary, Holder and quite a few others are fully accomplices in by committing or being party to or in helping cover up or refusing to act in accordance with oaths and law regarding the same. It is both criminal in the extreme and highly ethically wrong that these details remain largely unaddressed and those culpable have not been brought to justice along with those covering up and/or silencing the details and evidence of what happened. With all the other crimes from all the other scandals, crimes and acts of treason to date, if ever brought to true and proper meaningful justice, Obama, Hillary, Holder, Pelosi and a great many others would likely never face another free day in their lives, if they are not simply lawfully dealt with for treason first. Too bad that the criminals, traitors and self interested are running the asylum; most of the media are merely picking and choosing the bits they are told to report; and no one (also including law enforcement, politicians, the military and the Secret Service among others) are willing to do more than cover up the crimes, hide evidence and silence witnesses, and lie to everyone. They must really believe that the citizens of this republic are really really stupid...

  • I'll bet the order to stand down came from Hillary as told to her by our great procrastinator, Obama. I think Hillary would not have told them that, but I could be wrong.

  • This is going to destroy Obama, Hillary and the whole administration. Threaten to put them in jail they'll talk.

    • No. Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary, and the rest of their cronies are immune from prosecution or any repercussions. They own the courts, judges, media, and every means of lawful redress from Eric Holder to even our supposedly honest and free elections that are increasingly demonstrated to have been subverted, co-opted, hijacked, rigged and wholly owned by the political elite and their foreign, Islamic, Marxist, fascist, and outside agenda and profit ruled handlers and their bosses. For them, Benghazi, just like Fast and Furious, the setup and murder of Seal Team Six, our nation's combined will against Obamacare, the ever widening and government aided flow of illegal aliens, criminals, and murdering terrorists across our US borders while an innocent US Marine rots in a Mexican prison after having all his possessions taken by Mexican authorities all for a simple mistake and the many other crimes and treasons that have and do occurred. No, this will not even register with these or so much as put a blemish upon these criminals. They all know it. They cover each other's crimes, except for well orchestrated diversionary scandals timed to their benefit and then even these end up eventually with only a slap on the wrist or with total exoneration. This is why these criminals have become ever increasingly blatant and arrogant in what they do; or alternately, they simply hide these actions in the darkness of night or while in recess or on vacation so nobody is looking. Even then, they know they face no meaningful repercussions from the citizens of this republic, nor anywhere else so they do not care...

  • Obama and his whole administration fear the truth. The so called main stream media does also so they tend to disregard and/or tweak the truth. They do not want to besmirch the first black president even when he deserves it. He may be pour first black president, but that does not dismiss his continuing telling lies to the world. and not honoring his oath he took when he came to power.

  • I hope they keep digging! We all know there is a cover up. Now, we just need to find out exactly of what! I would wager that it is very damaging or they wouldn't be so determined to keep it quiet! Makes me wonder if the rumors about arming Al-Qaeda isn't true. I don't want to think they would commit treason like that but something is amiss and until the truth comes out there will be wild speculation from those of us waiting on the truth!!!

  • Shows how bad they want to hush, hush their crimes. Telling Fox News to restrain from Benghazi investigation is like telling the Obama administration to stop lying and covering up their cover-ups. Freedom of the press, freedom of speech, is still alive and well. Obama can suck an egg.

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