Yesterday, amidst hand-wringing and moral preening about President Trump’s “rhetoric” being to blame for the mail bomb scare, the (failing) New York Times published an article in their book review section titled “Five Novelists Imagine Trump’s Next Chapter” – one of which fantasized about the Secret Service assassinating President Trump.

Novelist Zoe Sharp decided to give President Trump more ammunition in his claims that the media is his enemy, and wrote a bizarre short story fantasizing about a failed assassination attempt being carried out against Trump, only for the Secret Service to then aid in Trump’s assassination. Even more surprising, the Times published it.

The piece, titled “How It Ends,” reads as follows…

new york times

The Times sure couldn’t have timed the publication of the essay more poorly, as they were left simultaneously blaming Trump for yesterday’s bomb scares and fantasizing about his assassination. Here are some select examples of the Times blaming Trump for political violence before salivating over his assassination.

Here’s NYT White House correspondent Maggie Haberman:

And here’s the NYT’s alleged economist Paul Krugman:

And NYT columnist Charles Blow:

Aside from right-wing publications, no one seems to be reporting on this story. You know what they say – if liberals didn’t have double standards, they wouldn’t have any standards at all!

Refreshingly, the response has been overwhelmingly negative.

Amusingly, there were plenty of people who said they’d have canceled their New York Times subscriptions over this article if they hadn’t already canceled them previously.

The Times didn’t offer up much of an explanation for why they published the fictional pieces, simply stating in their article that:

“Our focus here at the Book Review is on books and stories, but also on how the books being written and read reflect the world outside of books. And one of the biggest stories out there, of course, is the Mueller investigation and the relationship between Trump and Putin. It’s hard not to speculate about what might happen next. To that end, we thought: Who better than some of today’s most talented spy and crime novelists — Joseph Finder, Laura Lippman, Jason Matthews, Zoë Sharp and Scott Turow — to conjure possible outcomes?”

It’s no secret that the New York Times has a liberal bias and that their coverage of Trump is overwhelmingly negative, but you’d think they’d give a second thought to publishing murder fantasies about Trump.

And speaking of Secret Service interventions regarding the President, ironically Mrs. Sharp could be having a conversation with them sometime soon…