“Newsroom beware” the New York Times’ Managing Editor tweeted out on August 1st. “Someone claiming to be a college student is trying to interview NYT journalists. We’re concerned that it’s a ruse.”

Here’s the tweet:

By October, it became clear that the man they were worried about was someone associated with James O’Keefe, whose Project Veritas began pumping out content exposing bias at the organization. While it’s not news that the Times has a far-left slant, the publication tries to maintain the facade of objectivity. O’Keefe’s reporting proves that they’re lying through their teeth about that.

It was just days ago we covered the latest installment of O’Keefe’s American Pravda series, which featured the Times’ Senior Home Page Editor Desiree Shoe doing the following:

  • Admitting that the corporate culture of the Times is one of blatant bias. “The NYT is widely understood to be liberal-leaning.”
  • Saying, “If we write about him [Trump], and how insanely crazy he is…maybe people will read it and be like…we shouldn’t vote for him.”
  • Calling Trump an “oblivious idiot” and Pence “f***ing horrible” because of his religious views.
  • Admitting the New York Times reports on “what the readers want” (liberal narratives).
  • Stating, “The main objective is to grab subscribers. You do that any way that you can.”

Around the time that broke, the Times hilariously issued new guidelines, warning their writers against posting anything on social media that could be construed as “biased” or “partisan.”

And now a new video has been released, further confirming our hunch that employees at the Times hate President Trump. This one features:

  • Tom Gordon, who has been an in-office IT consultant for the New York Times for two decades, admits a company culture of anti-Trump bias:“They’re like, f**k Trump, f**k Trump…Yeah, they all hate him.”
  • “They unfairly, yes. I agree 100 percent. They unfairly report on him [Trump].”
  • He confirms that not even a single employee there supports Trump. “Not one. Everyone hates him. They hate him like the plague. One guy I know, he quit his job, moved to Canada.”

Watch below:

I recognize that for those of you who’ve been following the Times’ coverage of the Trump presidency, this article might as well have just stated “Breaking News: Sky Blue.”

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